Why Are There So Many…Songs About Rainbows???


I’m the wife of a scientist. I am familiar with the electromagnetic spectrum. Obviously, so is Adam.

Megan wanted to color tonight. So I got out her markers and her paper and left the room. A few minutes later Adam and I returned to her, and found that she had taken the lids off of six of her markers and had lined them up like this:

We both have NO idea where she learned this. We were at a total loss of words. We even shuffled the lids around to see if she did it intentionally. We knew that if Megan had done this purposefully, then she would get upset if we changed the order. Sure enough, she growled at us and rearranged them. Oh, and she has about 20 markers to choose from. She very purposely picked those six.

Are they teaching ROYGBV in nursery????

Maybe she just sees the world like this:

Megan didn’t really want to pose with her work, but I snapped a quick shot.

We’re sure she must have learned this from somewhere. We just can’t think of where. I will probably spend the next few days investigating, and it will probably drive me crazy if I can’t figure it out.

Tom and Wendy??? I’m coming to you first!!


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  1. She must have seen this same color spectrum somewhere, maybe several places and just assumed that is the order that colors should be in. I think it is the photographic memory. She is very lucky to have you both as parents to even recognize some of this stuff.

  2. Haha, that’s pretty funny. I don’t think we did anything with rainbows when she was with us.

  3. That is pretty much amazing. Literally, what that little Megan can do always amazes me.

    ps) It was ME. I taught her when we were in Nauvoo. I take all the credit.

    pss) I’ve read all your blogs, as I always do …

  4. Elizabeth,
    I taught her. I don’t know who Mary is but I definitely taught it to Megan. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Don’t be surprised if you find her in the kitchen with various chemicals. We have been working on some formulas together recently.

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