Tie Breaker!!!!


My sister Sarah found out last week that she is having a baby BOY!!!

Come January 2009, things will be all evened out in the Marshall family:

8 boys & 8 girls!!!

Here are all the Marshall grandkids on Christmas Day, 2007:

Owen (2), Jamison (1), Noah (1), Megan (2), Bradley (4), Tanner (2)

Mya (5), Katherine (4), Sarah (7), Tara (8), Jamison again (1), Coulson (9), with Torie in front (10)

Here’s Marshall (1) who wasn’t in the above pictures.

*The ages are current ages, not the age they were when the pictures were taken.

And here we all are!

Our crazy family just keeps growing and growing.

Sonya, Sarah, and I are pregnant with grandbabies 14 (girl),15 (boy), and 16 (boy)!!! Woohoo!

Sonya’s baby will be here in less then 3 weeks, my little guy will be here in about 11 weeks, and Sarah’s got only 19 more weeks. I, for one, can hardly stand the wait!!!!

Congratulations Sarah and Anthony (and big brother and sister: Bradley and Jamison)!!


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  1. Cute post. All the kids are getting so BIG. Look how little Megan looks in that picture! Crazy! Here we go again . . . three more litttle babies to add. Wish mine had a name! Any thoughts???

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how many there are of you now!! You always think things are just the way they used to be until you see a picture. I’m sure people would say the same when they see how much my family has grown. That’s awesome!!

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