Betty Crocker Style


Earlier this week I purchased alphabet shaped cookie cutters, so this afternoon Megan and I made sugar cookies together. While I was hoping that Megan would be content to just make a few words, I was very aware of the possibility that she would want to do every single letter. Things started off as planned. I asked her what word she would like to do, and she was all over that. We did “cow”, “ball”, “mat”, “Megan” and “up”. We had enough cookie dough for about three more letters, and sure enough, Megan said: “How ’bout ‘Z’?” I knew what was coming. We did “Z” then came the request for “Y”. After “Y”, we had enough dough to make a very skimpy “X” but that was it. We were both having such a good time that I didn’t want to tell Megan that we were out of dough….so I quickly whipped up a batch of deliciousness (flour, salt, and water) and we continued to work our way backwards (of course) through the rest of the alphabet.

When they were all done and cooled off, Megan wanted to play with the cookies. I wasn’t too hot on that idea, but I let her sit at the table with the word “cow”. Much to my surprise, she started to eat the “W”. She ate through the middle of it, and it broke in half. Needless to say she wasn’t too happy about that. She wanted me to make it a “W” again…luckily she was easily distracted as she bit into the letter “C”.

We had a really great time making the cookies together. At one point, Megan was holding the letter “M” and I said, “Is that an ‘M’ or a ‘W’?” Every few minutes after that comment, Megan would hold up either the “M” or the “W” and say, “Is it a ‘M’ or a ‘W’, mommy?” and then start laughing. I wish there was some way to make it a more regular activity…let me know if anyone has a delicious no sugar, no fat, no calorie cookie recipe (wait…I think that’s called water.)

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  1. I just came back from a Primary meeting, found your comment on our blog and was so excited. You have such a beautiful little family and it sounds like you are such a great mom. I let Beck help me make brownies for the missionaries the other day, but he ended up breaking 4 eggs on the floor and kept putting his hands in the batter. It was kind of a disaster. I look forward to following your family news in the future- in a friend – not a stalker sort of way.

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