Not the Best Day


Megan fell out of the shopping cart today at Target. I am not sure if I will ever get the image of her tumbling down to the ground out of my mind. She hit the back of her head – hard – on the tile and went unconscious.

Long story short: 911. Ambulance. Emergency Room. Cat-scan.

Everything turned out fine. Her cat-scan came back normal. We were really quite lucky in that she doesn’t have any bruises or swelling or bleeding or ANYTHING. She just got a bad bonk and I imagine one heck of a headache. Probably you’re not supossed to take the hospital gown. Oops.

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that the guilt I feel is pretty overwhelming (not to mention the embarrassment. Nothing draws a crowd like a mother yelling at her daughter to wake up). Oh and Adam is in paranoid mode 24/7. I got ahold of him right after his first class of the day. He came to the hospital right away without any plans of returning for the rest of his day. He wont leave his little girl’s side for anything. We were all spent by the day’s drama. Megan most of all. She crawled onto the bed with daddy, and they were out within minutes.

I guess it’s time for that Elmo purse.


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  1. Just so you know, I actually cried while I read this. Just to think of all your pain watching this happen and how much you love your little Megan. (Not to mention how much I love little Megan!) I also imagine how hard it was for Adam to not be there with you. Please don’t be hard on yourself, these things happen to children, even children with good parents. Just think, you took every protective measure after this happened, with the cat-scan and everything … she is okay. She is still the brilliant little 2 year old we all love! Oh yeah, and I think the purse sounds like a great idea! I am so relieved to hear that everything IS okay. We love you!!!

  2. I’m glad that she is okay. Don’t be to hard on yourself. The same thing happened to Caitlyn at Home Depot but she didn’t pass out. I was walking around the cart to get her so I could avoid her falling out but as I was in the process of getting her she fell. It is so hard to watch your child do something like that. We were really close to taking her to the ER but she seemed to be okay just a huge goose egg. I think the Lord knows these things will happen so he made our kids really tough.

  3. We’re glad you found our blog. It was fun for Brock to get a message from an old friend. According to him we were all married on the same day- 5/28/05? Sorry to hear about your little girl, we’re glad to hear she’s okay.

  4. aah! i am so very glad everypne is ok!! how scary! i better watch craig more carefully! he always is standing up in the cart part and i walk next to him. yay for the elmo purse 🙂

  5. So sorry to hear about Megan, I’m glad she is okay. Don’t worry about the gown, I found one from Morgan when I was packing. I don’t think they notice. Although like you the reason he had it was not something I wanted to remember so you’ll probably end up throwing it out like I did. I hope there were good people in Target who offered to help. Kacey had a simular situation will Ella in Fareway. No ambulance though. Heavenly Father makes children tough so they can get through their early years and new parents. Lizzie is still sick so we probably won’t be there tomorrow. Have a great rest of your day! Oh and like Alexis said don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to everyone I think, Wyatt fell out of the cart in Sam’s club and hit hard as well, he must have a harder head….that explains a lot.

  6. Do NOT feel bad! Maddox has gone head first out of two shopping carts. Yes, I agree. It was VERY scary! Thankfully he did not pass out, but that is not something you can control. Really, I would be surprised if there is a parent that hadn’t had a shopping cart accident. When Claire was six months old she was in her car seat, clipped into the cart, but not buckled in. I was holding onto her with one hand the entire time. Then, she arched her feet putting most of the weight up by her head. Well, the bottom part of the car seat does not clip. So, the car seat flung her back into the big basket area creating a huge crashing sound. She was screaming, everyone was looking, and I was feeling terrified for my little girl and completely embarrassed. Needless to say, it happens!

  7. oh no! you must have been SO scared. the whole fam here is saying, “we’re so glad she’s ok”

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