What Adam Misses When He Is At School


Adam always calls me around “nap” time to ask about our morning. I haven’t heard from him yet today, so I am going to e-mail him this little visual of how we spent our morning.

After breakfast we played with Play-doh (a WONDERFUL alternative to sugar cookies: Megan LOVES it, and I don’t end up eating two dozen cookies!!!)

After Play-doh we went for a walk…

After our walk we played with the letters on the refrigerator…

Then Megan sang a few songs for me (here we have: “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do”) and played some lovely music on the piano.

Throw in snack time, jumping on the bed, and about two minutes worth of “Elmo’s World” (Megan only likes to watch the song at the beginning and then at the end), and that was our morning.

There you have it, daddy. We miss you and can’t wait until you get home!!!


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  1. So, the other day I made up a silly rhyme when Matt had to go back to work and their was great uproar from his girlies.

    “Daddy misses you when he’s away,
    Lucky Mommy gets to stay and play!”

    Which should translate to, Come play with me (they all go to the door and cry for him), I’m cool too!

    So, kind of silly, but I thought it fit for you too. 🙂

  2. What a good little mom you are–where in that busy morning did you take any time for yourself?? I just read the ER post, too. Oh my goodness! I would definitely have been freaking out. SO scary! I’m sure you’re glad that day is over!!

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