(just an excuse to post a very cute picture of megan…)


A conversation very much like this one takes place between Adam and I almost every night right after we get into bed:

Me: Can Megan sleep with us tonight?

Adam: Not tonight.

Me: Please?

Adam: No.

Me: Just go get her.

Adam: No, Elizabeth.

Me: I miss her though.

Adam: She’s exhausted. Let’s leave her alone.

Me: It will be fine, she won’t wake up.

Adam: If I go get her, one of two things will happen. After 15 minutes you’ll be done with her and you’ll ask me to go lay her back down. At which point I will already be asleep, and she will have woken up. OR she’ll throw herself on top of me and take up all my room while you roll over and go to sleep. You can see her in the morning.

That’s where the conversation ends because Adam is, of course, right. Night after night I ask the same thing, and for the bazillion of times that I have asked, Adam has maybe relented like four times.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend every moment possible with this little beauty queen???:

The joke is on Adam though because now that Megan sleeps in a toddler bed, she sneaks in our room about once every two weeks. Usually, she climbs to me and falls back to sleep in my arms (with her little face incredibly close to my own – and I love it!)

Then, when I need my space again, I wake Adam up and make him take her back to bed.


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  1. Hahahahaha! I can so imagine a similar conversation between Steve and me someday when we have kids. Adam is such a good dad and husband!

  2. That is so sweet. I am glad that you cherish these moments with her, because they grow up so quickly. She is so cute and I think the image of you. I bet you can’t wait to see what little Jack will look like. Not too long to go now. Take care!

  3. You are absolutely crazy, in a good way, but absolutely crazy! 🙂 I think in the last 3 and a bit years I could count on my fingers how many times I’ve felt like inviting my girlies to bed with me … I think it is because I know that inevitably one of the 3 will wake up for me at least once in the middle of the night!!! 🙂

  4. I secretly love it when Tate sneaks into our bed. Really, I love it. Megan is getting so big! Glad to see that she is still wearing her clips.

  5. Oh my friend I can count on my hands the number of times that London has not ended up in our bed…I absolutley love her sleeping next to me. Everyone thinks I am out of my mind but if I could I would have both of my girls in my bed with me every night. There will come a time soon enough when neither one of them will want to come in and snuggle with me so I must take advantage of it while I still can 🙂

  6. This isn’t Grandpa, but Grandma. My computer is not working right now. The picture is adorable, you don’t need an excuse to post it! I can’t wait to see you guys in December.

  7. I am always telling Matt that I miss Beck after he has been asleep for an hour or two. Being a mom is a strange thing because I look forward to nap time and bed time all day, and then when he is finally asleep I just want to go in and look at him. I swear he is even cuter when he is sleeping.

  8. This is grandpa. Way to stick by your guns Adam. Besides, the whole dynamics will change in 45 days — significantly.

    And yes, she is sooooooooooooooo cute!


  9. I love having Savanah sleep with me and Jeff doesn’t mind any of the kids sleeping with us. I am ususally the stickler on the boys not sleeping with us but since she is still a baby, i love it! I have a feeling your bed will get crowded like ours does! HeeHee!

  10. Geez . . . you get tons of comments on your blog! I only get a handful and only if the post is REALLY good. I’m jealous! Yes, Megan is cute. But who didn’t already know that? She is going to have so much fun with Bradley at Christmas.

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