Before Her Head Even Hit the Pillow: Literally


A short while after we laid Megan down tonight, I asked Adam to go check on her. He peaked in and told me that she was still awake. I was surprised since I knew she was exhausted, so I decided to check our video monitor to see just what she was up to. I was so confused by why I saw: she was just standing by her bed not moving or anything. I asked Adam if he was sure that she was awake and he too said she was standing by the side of her bed. We decided to sneak into her room for closer inspection. This is how we found her:

I knew right away that she was asleep because she didn’t move one bit when we opened the door.

Pretty much she keeps us laughing 24-7.


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  1. That’s pretty cute! She keeps me laughing and I’m not even in the same state! Megan is the best!

  2. Precious!!!

    So, we miss you guys a ton and we’re so sad that we’re not going to get to see baby Jack when he comes. We’re going to miss out on all the fun! If you ever need me to come help you with night feedings when you’re just too tired, give me a call. I’ll hop in the car and be on my way!

  3. Ha! Sorry but I have to tell my own story: last week I found Natalie sleeping just like this except her legs were sticking straight out, not touching the ground. I have no idea how she was even doing it! (She must have been in the bed a few more inches than Megan was.) Anyway, I couldn’t believe she’d been sleeping like that!

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