WARNING: Failure is NOT an option!


Megan has her own little “laptop” computer that she just LOVES. She gets so excited when I offer it to her and asks: “couch? chair? mommy’s bed?” and runs around skipping and laughing until I get her situated with it.

It has a lot of fun activities that she is capable of doing, and many that she doesn’t quite understand just yet. Some days she wants to do the same activity over and over again. Other days she just likes to switch the cartridges in and out without doing any activities at all. Still other times she just likes to turn it on and off and just listen to the “start-up” music.

Some of the activities ask questions about numbers or animals or letters…etc. When you get an answer correct, it says: “Yea! Good Job!” or “Whoa, cool!” BUT if you get it wrong it says: “Try again…” It only gives you three chances to get it correct and then it says “Uh-oh!” and tells you the answer.

We had NEVER seen Megan get so upset so quickly until she was told to “try again” and then after three tries just given the answer. She literally loses it and cries and screams – which is VERY uncharacteristic of her. It is pretty heart breaking. Apparently this girl DOES NOT appreciate criticism!!!

At least she’s willing to try again after each meltdown. This is when mommy or daddy puts her on their lap and makes sure that she gets the answers right!!


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  1. Is it mean that I totally cracked up at the meltdown pictures? 🙂 It looks like Megan already has very high standards for herself. 🙂

  2. We have a Nitro Notebook. The girls like the regular computer much better though, so they only pull it out every once in a while.

    At least she wants to keep trying till she gets it right.

    I think her hair is so cute in the meltdown pictures.

  3. Poor little thing…that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is so stinkin smart…what kind of computer does she use. We have one for London but she isn’t that excited about it.

  4. Those meltdown pictures of Megan are so sad and so cute at the same time. Where did you find that little laptop? Brooklyn is still doing great in her bed. It was a much easier transition than I ever anticipated and she is still taking naps. YEAH! Now…if I could only get her and Jace to nap at the same time. I can’t wait for your cute little Jack to arrive. I love the name!!!

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