Time to REALLY count down!


101_02371So it snowed here last week. It wasn’t even terribly cold (like only in the 20s or something) but it was wet and snowy. The next day Megan and I had both had colds. Poor little Megan also has some other kind of bug on top of her cold. Megan probably takes an actual nap once every 3-4 weeks and this last week she took 3 naps. It was nice that she was napping, but I would much rather have her not be sick! Even though I know she must not have been feeling well, she was still so happy and sweet.

101_0223 Also, the arrival of our baby is rapidly approaching! My due date is only 2 weeks away! I really only have a couple of last minute things to get done, but other than that: we are ready and waiting. We have been talking to Megan for months now about “Baby Jack” and I am beginning to worry that she is so confused because while “Baby Jack’s” carseat is in the car…there is no baby…and she will often ask to sit in “Baby Jack’s swing” or lay in “Baby Jack’s crib” or play with “Baby Jack’s toys”… Perhaps right now she is so willing to accept that they belong to “Baby Jack” because she doesn’t know who on earth “Baby Jack” is!!! I can not wait for her reaction when he is finally here!!!

So anyway, that’s the update around here. Adam is still working hard at school and is now trying to get a paper ready for submission to an astronomical journal. This semester ends in a little over a month, and then he only has ONE SEMESTER LEFT! I can’t even believe it. We kept saying that once the baby arrives, time is just going to fly (unfortunately it seems to have been in slow motion the last 8 months!). We are so excited about the upcoming months.


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