This Little Cutie is Sick :(



Megan and I have been battling colds for a little over a week now. Megan seemed to be feeling better these last few days, but this morning the cold reared its ugly head the worst yet. I thought that a nice hot shower would help her feel a little better. I think it helped a bit, but we can tell she is still feeling pretty yucky.

So after her shower she just wanted to cuddle up in our bed. I went to get her clothes and had a hard time convincing her to get dressed. I showed her the shirt that I picked out – one that her Aunt Mary gave her. I asked her if she wanted to wear the shirt with the umbrella, sunglasses, and star on it. She got so excited and let me put it on immediately. I thought nothing of it as afterwards I put a sweatshirt on top of her shirt. Once she realized what had happened, she was not happy:


She kept pulling up the sweatshirt so she could see the shirt underneath. I think this is the FIRST time Megan has actually had ANY interest in what she was wearing!

I hope this cold runs its course and is gone within the next few days. I have no desire to welcome a new baby into a house of sickies. For now, Megan is still just cuddled up on our bed – listening to her playlist on my mp3 player.

And speaking of welcoming a new baby…it looks like it won’t be long now! We are scheduled to be induced on the 24th of November if he hasn’t arrived yet. So at the very most we have only 9 more days!!! We CAN NOT WAIT to meet this little guy!


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  1. I hope you guys get feeling better soon. I was sick with a terrible cold when I had Jace. I used up an entire box of kleenex just while I was in the hospital. It was terrible and I worried constantly that he would get it. Hope you all get healthy soon.

  2. I stumbled across your blog on Spring’s blog, so I thought I’d take a look—
    So sorry to hear you two have been sick! Hopefully it will pass soon… I am sooo excited for you to have Jack so soon! It’ll will be so fun to finally meet him!! Hopefully he’ll come sooner than the 24th though… but still it’ll be here in no time.

  3. 9 Days is all you have left at the most!

    Wow this pregnancy has gone by fast, at least for me as a blog reader.

    I hope Megan feels better soon so she welcome her new baby brother into the world happily and healthily when he comes.

    Eden sometimes likes to be naked, or at least with just underwear, and my oldest hangs out naked after her baths for as long as she can get away with it.

  4. I had the chicken pox when my sister Patti was born. I had to stay at my Grandma Waters’ house for 2 weeks. Some of my friends got to see my baby sister before I did because they took piano lessons from my mom.

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