Thanksgiving in the NICU



After contemplating writing a long list of things that we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, Adam and I agree that really what we are most thankful for is: love. Love is what is sustaining us during this difficult time, love is what got us here in the first place, and love is what we will have to hold on to when all is said and done.

But most importantly, love is the reason why no matter what happens, everything will be okay.

“For God so LOVED the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The entire plan is based on Love. From the complex love on which our entire existence is based, to the much simplier love that Adam and I have for our Baby Boy.

For us, a lot of things have been put into perspective the last week or so. Things that we once thought were so important or things that we once didn’t treat with the importance that they deserve; have been cast in new light. Suffering the way we have, and watching our son suffer the way he has, has taken real love from our peripheral vision and thrown it into the very center of our gaze. Our wish this Thanksgiving and holiday season, is to always continue to recognize the importance of love; especially the love of our Father in Heaven and our Saviour Jesus Christ.


*There are some new pictures in our Web Album.

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  1. We love you and we are thinking about you on Thanksgiving. We pray for you all every day. We are thankful today for your testimonies, courage and for Jack. Your are witnesses to a rarely seen side of heaven and for that you are truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Wow. That was inspiring! I’m really touched by your perspective and testimony. You, Adam, and little Meggers are some of my new heroes!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the 4 of you! I’m so glad Lindsey is able to be your nurse, she has a lot of love to give your little man! I’m sure this is not how you imagined spending your Thanksgiving, but you’re doing a great job. We love the pictures, it looks like Jack is pretty interested in his surroundings. We hope this day is full of love for you.

  4. Everything you said is so true. And I love all of the pictures you posted. It is sweet to see your little Family together – although it may be in the NICU – it is obvious there is so much love there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. That was a wonderful Thanksgiving message. Very inspiring. I am proud of you guys and proud to be your brother. I love you two.

  6. This Thanksgiving we are thankful for Jack. At the Vidal’s house we had a special moment just for “Sarah’s nephew” and a special prayer for Heavenly Father to take care of him. Everyone in the room was in tears. People that don’t even know you or Adam or this little baby could feel a little bit of your pain. We love you little Jack, and I agree with your Aunt Tracy – your mom can peel a mean potato.

  7. We love you guys so much and our sweet baby Jack. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and uplifting testimony with all of us!

  8. This is one family picture that you will never forget.

    We all love you, are praying for you and wait for every word on Jack’s condition.

  9. We love and think of you always, many prayers are being offered, here. How exhausted you must be. Our Father in Heaven has many plans we do not understand, how sweet your message of Love, is at this time. We do know that our Heavenly Father loved us so very much, that he gave us this chance to come here to earth to be able to pass the test to live with him again. Oh what a wonderful reunion that will be, it’s just hard sometimes to understand why things happen and for what reason. May you continue to be lifted up as we all fast and pray for your strength to continue at this time. We love you, and will see you soon.
    Love, Uncle Kenny and Aunt Val

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