FAST Sunday


I almost hesitate writing a post because I am not sure words can do our emotions justice at this time.

First of all, because of what happened yesterday, Jack was at an extremely high risk for hemoraging or bleeding in the brain (being on ECMO puts him at risk, but yesterday’s incident uped that risk even more).
Today they did an ultrasound and there was NO BLEEDING. I can honestly say that I was very surprised. I prepared myself for the worst. They would normally do an ultrasound on MWF, but they did one today just to check damage from yesterday. They will probably skip tomorrow. If they did ever find bleeding they would have to take him off of ECMO. He is not ready to be off ECMO. The absence of bleeding in his brain shows what a fighter he is: not to mention – AN ANSWER TO PRAYER.
They are still trying to “tweak” a few things to get him back to where he was before yesterday, but he is once again “stable”.

Yesterday we were a whirlwind of emotions. We actually were doing really well in the morning – we spent some much needed quality time with Megan. I was anxious to post about how well things were going. Then everything fell apart: something you would think that we would be used to by now.

I know that there were lots of people today who were fasting and praying for us. Particularly our own ward in Ames. We are so overwhelmed by how many people care about us and we are finding it hard to comprehend why we are so deserving of such an outpouring of love. I know that Adam and I are two very different people than we were 20 days ago – and that is in great part because of the realization of how many people have reached out to us. We feel so weak, and yet somehow we make it through each day – buoyed up by the strength and love of our faithful family and friends. Thank you for your continued prayer in our behalf. Jack is going to have A LOT of thank you letters to write.


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  1. Elizabeth, you are wrong. Jack isn’t the one who needs to write thank you letters. Rather, we should all write Jack thank you letters. I wish you and Adam could have been at church to hear people testify of how Jack’s spirit and your testimonies have touched them and blessed their lives. You may be gaining strength from us, but we are being inspired by the faith, love, and tesimonies of you and your family. What a wonderful spirit Jack has to have touched so many lives in such a short time. We pray daily that he can grow into adulthood, if it is the Lord’s will, because we know how much better the world is after only a few weeks of having Jack here – we can only imagine the amazing things he will be able to accomplish with a full lifetime! What a blessing that you and Adam can call him your son! We love you and pray for each of you daily.

  2. I wish there was something we could do that would merit a “thank you” from little Jack. We, well at least I, feel so helpless. Please don’t hesitate to call on any of us for anything. Fast Sunday may be over, but we will continue to pray for sweet Jack and you and Adam and Megan.

  3. Dear Elizabeth & Adam,
    Our dear Bishop Kindred has demonstrated the Savior’s love & caring for “one of his flock” during the past 20 days. Many of us in the ward monitor your blog daily, numerous times during the day. Prayers are reaching heaven for you & Jack and the loving hands who care for you in Iowa City. We know that the Savior’s atonement & Gospel of Jesus Christ will sustain you in the vicissitudes of lifel and pray to that end.

  4. It’s true…we are the ones who owe your family our gratitude. I wish you could have seen the ward yesterday. Every prayer includes an extra special blessing on your family’s behalf, and every single person has Jack in their every thought and prayer. I can only imagine that there must be concourses of angels standing over Jack by now, holding his hands, singing sweetly in his ears, and kissing his precious little cheeks. What a blessing he is to all of us. I hope you can feel the love that is pouring your way. Your family is so special, and we’re so blessed to know you.

  5. It is so silly that it sometimes takes difficult times for us to really express care. But i am so glad that you are feeling everyone’s care. Last night, Craig actually talked with us when we had him pray and he prayed for Megan. we are praying for your family to be able to feel the peace and love of Heavenly Father and thank you for your continuing to share details of what is going on. We love you all!

  6. Thanks for the tears. We love you guys so much. We love that big Spirit Jack. What a test. What strength, however I wish I could go through it for you instead of you suffering so much. We think about you by the minute, and anticipate the moment we can be with you, laugh with you, and kiss little Jack cheeks and toes. Man I love that little guy!!!!!

  7. I am so happy to hear that good news! Jack is a fighter and that’s what we all want to hear! He is a special boy and lucky to have such an amazing family to raise him!! I know that so many people are praying for you all at this time, and I know those prayers will not cease… I’m so grateful for the examples you and Adam are of faith and patience and trust in the Lord.

  8. We all owe so much to Jack. He has strengthened us and given us opportunities to be closer families and closer to our Heavenly Father. You and Adam inspire us to lean on him and to know that through him, all things are possible. Baby Jack is already bringing people closer to the Lord, just imagine how much he will do on his mission, where ever it may be. I sure do look forward to that thank you card though!

  9. Wow, wow, wow, wow! Isn’t it amazing the blessings that come out of difficult circumstances? I’m so grateful that you are sharing Jack’s story so that the rest of us can be strengthened too, even from, far away!

  10. Church yesterday, Bishop Kindred, prayers, fasting, faith: I’ll just say re-read what Jessica and Andrew; TJ and Macie; Rhonda; and The Thompsons wrote — there you have it!

  11. Aunt Julie fasted yesterday, and we both continue to pray for all of you. We have lifted him up in prayer at our SeedSowers rehearsals, and at church.
    Our friends ask about Jack often. I look forward to taking him sailing when he’s old enough.

  12. I am so glad to hear the good news. Every thought and prayer is centered around our sweet Jack. Even little London prays for Jack at every meal and at bed time. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I wish there was some way that I could take this burden from your sweet family. I pray that you know how much we love you and your strong little boy. He has helped all of us look more closely to what is important in our lives. Thank you!!

  13. I was holding my breath as I opened your blog. I’m so happy to see that things are stable, and I hope that everything continues going well.

  14. I was in Rochester for the blessing of Violet on Sunday and missed church in our ward.. but as I sat around with our family discussing Jack – it was amazing to me how even
    the family members who don’t know you guys have been touched by your circumstances and how they feel a closeness to you. Ezra and Heidi, Brian and Chelsea, Lizz and David – along with those who know you were all praying and trying to think of ways to help you guys.
    We know that whether in this life or the next, you have
    been promised that you will ‘raise’ Jack- Those promises are
    real. Elizabeth, I am honored to know you on a personal level.. You say you have changed in the past 20 days.. I say you didn’t change
    you just realized who you really are and what you are
    capable of!

  15. I was soooo relieved to get on today and read that he is doing better. You don’t ever make that sweet little man write thank you cards!!! 🙂 I need to write you all a thank you card for inspiring me with your special testimony and strength that I have felt while reading your posts. I so take for granted my everyday blessings and then something like this happens and it reminds me of the things that I need to be eternally grateful for. I have been so much more thankful to our Heavenly Father in my prayers for my 2 healthy children while at the same time I pray for you and your sweet baby Jack. I hope that it is the Lord’s plan to allow your family to have Jack in your family on this earth. If not, it sounds like you’ll have the sweetest innocent angel waiting for you to be his mother in the next life, where he can be healthy and strong.

  16. Dear Elizabeth,

    I am wiping the tears from my eyes, and I honestly can not control my emotions after reading about your little Jack. I have not read your blog in a month, and was anxious to read about your baby boy. My heart is so full right now Elizabeth. And it is a feeling of hope. If there is anyone that can handle something like this it is you and Adam. I have always admired your strength and spirit. I can remember back in Vegas that I was always so impressed, maybe even a little jealous, of the strong spirit you have. You are such a strong woman. What a special little boy to be blessed with such amazing parents. You and Adam were hand picked to be parents to Jack! You are in my prayers Elizabeth and Adam.


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