Adam’s School Situation


Jack had an ultrasound today…still no bleeding!

It looks like the tenative plan is to keep him on ECMO for at least another two weeks. His heart still has a long way to go in order to be healthy and strong.

We’ve had some people ask about Adam’s school/work status. Basically, he took an “incomplete” for the semester for the one class he was taking, and he will finish the coursework and take the final exam next semester (without any penality to his GPA). He was working as a research assistant as well, and has already been in touch with his research professor about continuing that job for next semester, and that’s a go. School starts up again on the 12th of January, and the tenative plan (for now) is that Adam will be attending regularly – and will commute here to be with Megan, Jack and me when possible.

I hadn’t even thought that people were concerned about that. So many people are looking out for us. None of us are looking forward to the day Adam has to head back to school. We know that things will work out though.


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