Do As I’m Doing


We have a joke between James and Cynthia (Nicholas’s parents) that Nicholas wants to be just like Jack. He is about a week behind Jack in a couple of ways. He is exactly one week younger then Jack, and he was also put on ECMO one week after Jack. While they have similiar stories, there are also major differences. Nicholas’s little lungs are what is causing his issues, for Jack; it’s his heart. Today was Nicholas’s 14th day on ECMO and Jack’s 20th.

Baby Nicholas

Baby Nicholas

Today Nicholas decided he didn’t want to be a copycat anymore, and he wanted to take the lead. They did an “ECMO off” trial today where they pulled him off of ECMO for a little under an hour. They decided that he was ready to come off completely, so Nicholas is now ECMO free and holding his own. He is still sick, but this is definitely a step forward for Jack’s little neighbor.

We are so happy for the McLaughlin family. What a great day for them! Hopefully little Jack will soon follow his friend’s lead.

Baby Jack

Baby Jack

Jack’s lungs continue to look good, and yesterday’s ultrasound showed no bleeding. Tomorrow they will do another echo of his heart to see if there is any change from last week (5 days ago.) My heart is aching for good great news. We need the heart’s pressures to be down, and the heart’s walls to be thinning. We may not hear the results until Thursday.

We are not opposed to a Christmas miracle.

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  1. We are praying for a Christmas miracle! Jack looks so tiny and just beautiful! We are praying for great news!

  2. Yeah for Nicholas!!!! Great news is in the works for your little family, Jack is so handsome. I also Love Megan’s song it was so cute!!! Hang in there we are praying for you everyday.

  3. tell nicholas’ family that jack’s friends are so happy for his improvement! I took a look at their blog too 🙂 merry christmas – our prayers continue to be with all 4 of you in your family

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