I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to thank yous.

I am so appreciative to the many nurses who looked after little Jack. So many of the nurses were so wonderful. So many deserve more thanks than a meager blog post can express. I am so grateful for Jack’s first NICU nurse, Becca. She showed me that nurses can and should fall in love with their little patients. She set the standard for all of his nurses who followed. The only other nurse that I think I should mention by name is Lindsey. I know that I was supposed to meet Lindsey before Jack was even born. I think that simple connection was so necessary for some peace of mind. Not only was there a connection, but no one took care of Jack like Lindsey did. All the nurses deserve my undying gratitude and thanks.

The doctors who took care of Jack will probably never know how grateful I am to them and how much I love them. Dr. Rabe will probably never know that I was so glad when she was around: for reasons unknown to even me. Dr. Colaizy will probably never know how much her way with words was just what I needed, and how glad I was that she was there the night Jack passed on. Dr. Klein will probably never know how in awe I am of his intelligence; but also how I could see that he had more spunk and personality then anyone gave him credit for. Dr. Mann will probably never know that I loved how he lit up when Megan was around and how his very professional demeanor diminished so slightly when he would smile at her. While Jack had his own agenda that these very intelligent men and women just couldn’t figure out, they gave Jack their all. I will never forget them.

I am also grateful to all who came to visit us. A long trip in snowy weather is never overlooked. My mom and sister and Adam’s mom flew in immediately to be with us. Adam’s sister was fortunate enough to have some business in Iowa so she also could come spend some time with us. They all were more helpful then they could ever know. Matt and Mary: thank you SO MUCH for coming to Ames. For ensuring that we ate and for running so many errands.

Tom and Wendy: thank you for caring for Megan during Jack’s birth and for many crazy hours thereafter. Thank you also for caring for Megan while we went and dressed Jack for his burial. We are so blessed by your friendship and generousity.

To the many ward members here in Ames who fasted and prayed for us unceasingly: thank you, thank you, thank you. Don’t think for a second that the Lord didn’t hear our prayers just because he called Jack home to him. Quite the contrary. He heard every word, and thus ensured that we were always enveloped with comfort and peace. Thanks also for sending us gifts and cards. They did much to brighten our days.

Thanks to all for emails, cards, phone calls, blog messages, etc. You will never know the strength you gave us. To those who made financial contributions: we pray you are blessed 100 fold, for you helped carry a very heavy burden.

Thank you Bishop Kindred. For participating in Jack’s blessing. For calling us often to check on us. For coming to see us many times. For adjusting your already busy schedule to be at Jack’s funeral in Las Vegas. For rallying our ward family around us. For your prayers and your kind words.

Thank you Brother Tyler Thacker. Thank you for all the arrangements you made for Jack’s funeral, and thank you for coming all the way to Iowa City to be with us for but a few moments before and after Jack passed. You hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you Tim Grandon! In death, Jack was attended by Tim at Grandon Funeral Care. He was so generous to us. He lost a granddaughter himself one year to the day of Jack’s memorial. We are so greatly indebted to him and his wife, Kim.

Words can not express our love and appreciation for our family members. Adam and I have been truly blessed to have such loving and caring siblings and parents. Each one, in their own way, has touched us deeply. We love you all too much.

This list could go ON and ON and ON. Please know that we are eternally grateful to ALL who have supported us at this time. Every thought, every prayer, every word uttered in our behalf: has not gone overlooked. The Lord knows every thought, and we pray He will shower you all with blessings.


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