Poem For Jack


Our Brightest Star

Life on Earth is filled with happiness;
Life on Earth is filled with love.
It’s filled with fun and joy and beauty –
And wondrous gifts from above.

But life here is also filled with sorrow;
Not void of grief and pain.
It’s filled with hate, it’s filled with hurt;
It’s under Satan’s reign.

There are some of Father’s children,
– of this much I am sure –
Who have no right to suffer here –
Because they are too pure.

My little son, my precious one –
You are one of those
Who needn’t struggle through this test;
You’ve passed it – Father knows.

So wait for us at Heaven’s gate;
Wait at Heaven’s door.
We promise we will meet you there;
We promise to endure.

And when we need you, and miss you so;
When we wonder how you are,
We’ll raise our eyes, and look above –
You’ll be the brightest star.

– Love Mommy


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  1. I recently lost my son too. No word on how or why. I have decided it really doesn’t matter. Our son was never able to be born alive, but live he did! Even though he died in the womb, before he could ever gasp that first breath or curl that finger, he lived in a large way in us. He has changed us in a way that will always encourage us to return to Him. Not that the goal wasn’t always there, but there is even more incentive. I am grateful for your testimony and love and compassion and understanding of the Gospel. You will touch myriads of people I have no doubt as you stand as an emissary to your Father in Heaven. Thank You!

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