Adam’s Gift


I drove Adam to school today so we could stop by the post office on the way and pick up his gift. I have had a few people ask what it was that I thought was so perfect for him, and obviously I couldn’t post it until he received it, so here it is:

It’s an “Oregon Scientific Full Weather Station“. Basically it is a glorified alarm clock. Adam mentioned to me forever ago that he had a mission companion who had a clock that projected the time on the ceiling and he thought that was pretty cool. So I was searching for something like that and found this clock which is radio controlled and set to the official US Atomic clock… (so it’s 100% accurate) and it also tells you the weather…and the temperature…and the moon phases…and has a barometer…and on and on and on. Oh, it also projects the time on the ceiling. 🙂

Happy birthday Adam! I hope it’s everything you hoped for and more!


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