Adam and I have dubbed Wednesday night as “my” night. The evening after Adam gets home on Wednesdays is mine to do whatever I want with it. I can go shopping, take a long bath, go for a walk, go out to eat…whatever I want; without having any “responsibility” as a mama. It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of freedom as is, or that Adam and I don’t share the responsibility around here, it’s just nice to have a special time set aside for me to just literally: check out. And really, two hours out of 168 is all I need.

Stack This plan has only been set in motion for the past two weeks, and both times I have escaped to the library. The first week, I came home with five books, and placed six more on hold. I don’t know what part of me thought I needed to have eleven books on hand, but it became very apparent to me that I was thirsting after reading. I literally was just grabbing book after book after book off the shelves. It has been – oh so long – since I have lost myself in a good book. Reading has proved to be a much needed escape.

Books I look behind me now and see the books sitting on my nightstand, and am anxious to crawl into bed and read one for a bit before turning out the light. Tonight I picked up four of the six books that were on hold, and found that they are all quite hefty, and all due back in three weeks. Looks like I better get crackin’!


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  1. Great idea!!!!! Reading is outrageously therapeutic for me. Wednesdays are special at our house too. That’s our “date night.” We unplug the phone, have no visitors, etc. We don’t get to go out much, but we try to do something together.

  2. Your “Wednesdays” sound great. I totally know how you feel. I go walking every night after Jeremy gets home. It’s only for about 30 minutes but it is “my” time and I love it. Good luck with all your books. I’m looking for a good read so let me know if any of them are good.

  3. I am constantly reading a few books at a time. I don’t know why I feel the need to juggle them that way, but I do. I guess so I can switch between them if one gets too heavy in subject. I go crazy at the library, too. It’s like I think that everytime I go will be my last time so I always come home with about 8 books. 🙂

  4. I think I’m gonna get myself one of these “my time” nights. Maybe I’ll even read a book – I hate to read, but if it means I have no other responsibilities at the time, it might be suddenly more enjoyable. I am glad you have some time to just relax. You deserve it more than most.

  5. How do I get one of those nights? You will have to post any great reads you find. I am always looking for a good book. 🙂

  6. oooh Elizabeth- this is awesome!!!! I am not a library person. I have a germ thing and so every other week or so, I treat myself to a new book at costco. Its fantastic! Some days I leave with nothing, but I LOVE the smell of new books. I love to sit in a barnes and noble or borders and just read! Its great! Currently- “dream when you’re feeling blue” and so far, its pretty good. I’m so glad you can check out for a night and thats got to be so great! Glad to hear that it sounds like things are good! You’re spectacular!

  7. Elizabeth,
    I’m soo glad you found me!! I’m glad to hear from you. The other day I found a note James wrote you in college that was handed out after Sunday night prayer meeting that thanked you for your support in his pursuit to date me. So a deep thank you for your positive influence in my life. You are an amazing women, and deserve those Wednesday nights!! (maybe I can get a Wednesday night off too, I be sending another thank you your way when it happens 🙂 )

  8. Wednesdays at the library sound wonderful. I have recently learned what great benefits the library has. I have been putting books on hold in a much greater quantity than I can read, but it is still so fun… FREE BOOKS.

  9. Hey pass along any good finds, I’m in desperate need of a good new find. Miss you!

  10. Wednesday nights are our “date nights” as well! Though that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t babysit Megan! I think it’s so important to have some time set aside to slow down and talk about what’s been going on in the past week, how we feel and what we’re concerned/excited about. And I can relate to the reading thing too. I used to read a lot, till I got into college. Now that I’m done, I’m trying to get back into it. What kinds of books have you been reading lately?

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