Megan’s BFF


Next to her mother and father, this is probably Megan’s favorite person in the whole world:

Bradley turns 5

Megan and Bradley.  May 2007This is Bradley. My sister’s son, my five year old nephew, but most importantly: Megan’s cousin. Their bond was formed the minute Megan was born. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. These two have always just loved each other.

Perhaps it’s just because of the close relationship I have with my sister. Or maybe it’s because we always stay at their house when we go to Vegas. Then again, it could be because Sarah posts videos of Bradley online that Megan LOVES to watch (she has his first primary talk memorized, and Bradley has also taught her several of the “Articles of Faith“.

Megan and Bradley Jan 2009 But I think it’s something different altogether. Maybe something in their genes. These two I will call Sarah and say something like: “guess what Megan did today?” And she’ll say something like “Bradley used to do that.” Or I’ll say “Megan doesn’t like this” or “Megan likes that” and she’ll say “Bradley is the same way.” They talk the same. They think the same. They act the same. But they DO NOT look the same. (So much for genetics! Ha!)

Bradley’s little sister, however, could be Megan’s twin. BUT Jamison and Megan are more different than night and day.

Mommy's Shoes Anyway, this morning, when I told Megan that we were going to “Bradley’s house” today, you can only imagine her excitement. In fact, she put on Mommy’s shoes and ran to the front door. So this one’s for you Bradley. Can’t wait to see you!

Megan and Bradley

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  1. I saw the pic of Bradley’s sister & thought it was a really great pic of Megan!

  2. I want my children to end up having great relationships with their cousins – but we live so far away from them all . One of my nephews has a video on his parents blog – he is a couple of months older than Stella – and she wants to watch it over and over again. I thank the blogging world for this one. Otherwise – he would only be a name to her. And I can’t believe how similiar megan and jamison look. Crazy! So cute.

  3. We’ve got to get a lot of pictures of these three while you’re here. I haven’t even seen that one with Bradley in Coulson’s Zimbabwe shirt. (Bottom)

    Come home from San Fran already – we’re ready to party.

  4. Come home from San Fran already – we’re ready to party and you guys aren’t even here! BORING. We need to swap pics. I haven’t even seen that bottom one before.

  5. Okay, I’ll put in a third comment – just cause. Well, really, just to tell you to delete that anonymous one for me. I didn’t think it showed up. Low and behold – two of the same thing. You can delete this one too. Or not, your choice.

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