Airport High Risk Security Threat = ME.


About ten minutes after arriving at the airport in Des Moines on Thursday, March 12th, for our trip to CA for Adam’s brother’s wedding and our following Spring Break vacation; I realized that I forgot my driver’s license. I was so upset, but tried to remain calm as we tried to figure out what to do. We had been dropped off by someone who doesn’t have a cell phone, and besides, we wouldn’t have been able to get the ID in time, nor could anyone get into our apartment without first getting the keys from us. Adam opened up his wallet, perhaps hoping that maybe, just maybe, my license was inside. I was 100 percent certain that it was not, but he did pull out my OLD BYU student ID. The line for our airline was long, so instead of wasting time waiting to see if they would take my student ID, I went to another airline and asked if it was acceptable. The guy told me that he didn’t know if my particular airline would accept it, but I could try.

We finally got to the desk, and they told us the ID was fine, but they would have to flag me and I would have to go through a few more security measures in order to fly. I breathed a sigh of relief, not caring as long as I could travel without a ton of much added stress.

Megan gets a rideIn Des Moines they did a “pat down” and tested all my belongings in some machine with some weird brush like thing. It actually wasn’t too bad, it just took a lot of time. Megan also had to be “patted down” which she did not enjoy.

In Las Vegas they were a little more intense. They had to call “the database in Washington” to confirm my identity. I had to answer all sorts of questions like what states I have ever lived in and who lives at my current address among other things. This time, instead of a pat down, I had to go through this new machine that “electronically” removes all your clothing so they can see your entire body. Nice.

And in San Fransisco…they hardly checked my ID. In fact, they didn’t even check it to get my tickets. At security, he hardly glanced at it and just let me pass on through (I think it helped that they have a “family” lane, and he was more lenient since I was holding Megan). San Fran is my new favorite airport.

We fly out of Las Vegas tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to the Las Vegas security measures as they take the longest and are the most intense. I can’t complain too much though. At least I got where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. But I will NEVER forget my driver’s license again!

Megan at the airportAnd speaking of flying and airports…Megan was EXCELLENT. We had delays every time we flied, and she was so pleasant and happy. She obediently sat in her seat and was calm and quiet in all of our travels. We brought along the game “memory” which Megan got for Christmas but hadn’t played yet. SHE LOVED IT! She played it for a long time both at the hotel and on the plane. It was awesome. Flying with a young child can add so much stress to an already taxing and stressful endeavor (especially when you are flagged as a security threat). I am so grateful for Megan’s sweet personality and pleasant deposition. It has been such a fun trip: ALL things considered.


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  1. Glad to hear that Megan was so good during your travels. dI agree that traveling with young children can be taxing. Our then 18 month old son was rather challenging when we were flying and that was without security being all over us. I am sure the people around us were just as happy the flight was over as we were.

  2. I am so glad you got to still fly – I would have been so afraid they wouldn’t let me. And I’m glad Megan was so good. Andy is a security threat in Airports too. He doesn’t have a middle name, and Andrew Smith is pretty – uh… common. He shares his name with a terrorist, and so they have to check him to make sure he is ok every time we fly. This was especially scary for me when we were leaving Cancun shortly after we had gotten married. These guys with big old guns took him upstairs, without me, and I was sure they were going to shoot him, or at least beat him.. but he was fine. And at least the machine in Vegas takes your clothes off electronically, cause having to actually be strip searched would stop me from flying, for sure!

  3. I’m so glad everything turned out alright and you were able to fly. I hope tomorrow is just as good…well, minus the strip search if possible!

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