Family Home Evening


Megan playing the piano after church

Megan playing the piano after church

This Sunday during Sacrament meeting, Megan was really interested in the hymns. Usually she just sings her own songs during the congregational hymns (out of her pocket size “Children’s Songbook”) but this Sunday, she wanted to follow along in the hymnal. In fact, the song was “Behold the Great Redeemer Die” and she sang the first word: “Behold”, at the top of her lungs, and then stopped singing because she realized she didn’t recognize the tune and she couldn’t follow along fast enough. During each song, she wanted to sit on my lap and follow along.

Megan singing from the hymnal

Megan singing from the hymnal

For family home evening tonight, we decided to have a lesson on sacrament meeting. We explained how there are three songs, an opening and closing prayer and also prayers for the bread and water, and three speakers. I had emailed our organist this morning and asked her to send me the songs that we would be singing next week. We sang two of those songs for our FHE opening and closing songs, and I plan to sing them with Megan throughout the week so they will be familiar next Sunday.

Megan learning about the water

Megan learning about the water

We also talked about the Sacrament and how the water symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ and the bread: His body. Megan has never partaken of the actual sacrament. It is a chore just to get her to eat at mealtimes: I am NOT going to force her to eat the sacrament bread or drink the water. I have offered, and she has always refused. When she understands that the sacrament is not just “food”, then we will encourage her to participate. Tonight, she listened very intently during family home evening (for the first time). I imagine it won’t be too long before she understands. In fact, Adam told me that he heard her repeating to herself later what we had talked about. He heard her say: “we say a prayer, then sing a song…”

Megan saying the closing prayer

Megan saying the closing prayer

The lesson in Relief Society yesterday was also on sacrament meeting. I have been thinking about the sacrament and the atonement a lot lately, especially with Easter drawing near. I hope that the sacrament will always have very special meaning to Megan, as we teach her that because of Christ’s atonement, her brother is always part of her family.

I plan to make this Easter a special one for Megan. Perhaps amidst the colored eggs and chocolate candies we can all find ways to focus on the Savior and how He alone made it possible for our return to our Father in Heaven.


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  1. What a good idea!!!! Megan will grow up knowing the significance of the Sacrament and Sacrament Meeting. She will develop good habits and be ready to worship meaningfully as she grows. Awesome!

  2. Just a suggestion, that after you teach her the lessons of Easter, that you maybe teach her the traditions & where they came from, like coloring eggs, etc.

  3. Elizabeth, that is the cutest story! You always have such neat ideas of teaching Megan, and I hope I can be just as good at it as you are. I can’t wait to hear how she is with Sacrament this Sunday! You’ll have to let us know!

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