“Alright, Let’s GO!”


Between conference sessions on Saturday, we took Megan to the local indoor swimming pool. She had such a good time! Toward the end of the first session, she kept saying, “alright, let’s go!” and we would tell her “ten more minutes” then “five more minutes”… When it was time so go she was so happy!

150We had a great time and enjoyed having the pool to ourselves for most of the time. Megan must have been freezing, but she refused to let it hinder her fun. When I thought that she couldn’t get any colder, I asked if she was all done. Shivering and all, she responded “No, thank you.”

When we were all done, Megan enjoyed a nice hot shower in the locker room. We grabbed some lunch on the way home and got back just in time for session two.

193After each talk ended, Megan would say “alright, let’s go swimming!” We had to explain that we weren’t going swimming again. At one point, she went into our room and grabbed our swimming bag and dragged it to the door. Even after she seemed to accept that we wouldn’t be going again, she wouldn’t let go of the bag. I am glad that she had such a good time swimming. It was a really fun family activity and added to our wonderful conference weekend.


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  1. Little children just don’t seem to be affected by the cold water. At the beach, my three year old’s chin was quivering from the cold but it didn’t slow him down at all.

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