Just What I Needed


Oh my, there were so many things said this conference that have filled my heart with renewed faith, hope, and motivation to work a little harder and be a little better.

At one point during General Conference, I had to briefly step out of the room to assist Megan for a minute. As a new speaker began, I called to Adam and said, “If he talks about grieving an infant death, make sure to call for me!” I was totally kidding, never expecting a talk to be that specific to my needs…

For weeks now I have been anxiously awaiting this conference. I have been looking forward to it with hunger and longing. I am living testimony that: “if it is important to us, it is important to the Lord” and that as we seek for His comfort, and His guidance with an open heart and faith, He will pour His spirit upon us and through the mouth’s of His living prophets and apostles, our prayers will be answered with words of comfort and strength to carry on through our adversity.

I was so deeply touched as Elder Pino talked about a family whose young three year old daughter died in a tragic accident. I shared in the sorrow of that family who lost their little child. I nodded vigorously at his comment: “At times we mourn, but we do not mourn a death without hope.”

I was so grateful for Elder Pino’s talk, and appreciated his reminder that the Temple Covenants seal our family eternally. I never would have expected that immediately to follow was a talk even more specifically aimed at healing my heart. As Elder Scott began to speak, I confessed to Adam that he had always been one of my favorites. I have always felt such a sweet testimony about him and have always known in my heart that he loves the Lord and serves him with his whole being.

Yesterday, he began his talk by saying that he would like to speak to us “heart to heart.” He intimately spoke of the Temple. He tenderly spoke of what a blessing the ordinances are, and how important it is to visit it regularly and tried to impress upon us how wonderful is the gift of Temple covenants.

He then spoke of his children. He told of how he and his wife welcomed a baby girl into their family, and how that little girl lived only a few moments after birth. The tears filled my eyes as I felt his pain and sorrow for that little girl. But then he told about a son. A son born with a serious heart defect. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought of Jack’s little heart. Medicine at that time was not nearly advanced as it is today, but they went ahead with a surgery that might repair the damaged heart. The tears continued to flow as they told of how they received the word that the surgery was successful. They were so elated, and revealed in the hope that their son would have a strong body. My heart immediately began to pound as the familiarity of this story hit me, the memory of the times when I received good news about Jack’s heart, and the hope that followed that there was a good chance he would be okay…

And I knew, before the story even continued, that Elder Scott’s story would end the same way mine did. I knew that he knew how I felt and that he was really reaching out “heart to heart” to me. And his words following this tragic story penetrated my heart and reminded me of what I already know:

“You don’t need to worry. Because your children were born in the covenant. You have the assurance that you’ll have them with you in the future. Now you have reason to live extremely well. You have a son who is qualified to go to the celestial kingdom.”

I am so grateful for these and so many other words that reminded me to “live extremely well.” To work hard, to live righteously, and to uphold all the covenants I have made.

I echo our newly called apostle, Elder Neil L. Anderson who said:

“I know that I am not what I must become. I pray that I might be willing and moldable to the Lord’s tutoring and correction. I take comfort from the words of President Monson last night in the Priesthood season, that ‘The Lord will shape the back to fit the burden placed upon it.'”

JackI know that by adhering to the words of the prophet and apostles and following their guidance, which is direct guidance from our Father in Heaven, that we will be blessed with our ultimate happiness. Which for me, entails being with little Jack. I am so grateful for the gift of general conference. That twice a year we can have our cups filled with guidance and revelation to give us strength and push us along the path to exaltation.


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  1. I thought of you during a talk today. I am so thankful for conference. It is a favorite time for me. Thank goodness for eternal families. Thank you for sharing the BEAUTIFUL picture of Jack. What a lovely, PERFECT son of our Father.

  2. It’s interesting, I usually go through Conference and listen for things I need to hear. I write down thoughts that I have that apply to me. I think of things I need to improved upon. This Conference, seemingly every talk I kept thinking, “Oh. that one is for Elizabeth and/or Adam.” I got so much out of Conference – for you! It was a great Conference. Thank you for this post.

  3. The talks were so wonderful. What you prayed for was received.
    Aunt Debbie

  4. I have a neighbor that I invited to watch conference. I don’t know if she did or not, but when i heard of that talk, I hoped she was watching. She recently lost her husband to cancer. So, if she wasn’t listening, I’m so glad that it was just what you needed.

  5. I thought about you several times during Conference. I was thrilled every time one of the speakers mentioned something that I knew would touch your heart.

  6. I, like most of your friends and family Im sure, thought of you so many times during conference. Especially when it was said that you would have the chance to raise your child eventually… I can’t wait for that day for you, when you have the chance to mother your little precious boy. You are such a good Mom. I’m glad your weekend was so wonderful, and that Megan was so good for you during sessions! What a good little girl!

  7. Just reading that post, Elizabeth, was as great and inspiring as many of the conference talks were for me!

  8. You are amazing. You always have something special to say and it uplifts me and makes me feel so good after reading your blog. Thanks for your insight. I also loved all the conference talks. My favorite was President Monson’s on Sunday morning when he talked about bad things happen to good people. We must have faith to carry on.

  9. My thoughts were especially with you and Adam during this conference, and I too kept hearing things that touched me deeply whenever I thought of your beautiful family. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I’m so glad that we are able to hear from men and women who seem to have a greater faith than I possess. My heart is so full for you. Thank you for never being afraid to share your testimony or details of your life…it’s an honor to know you.

  10. Elizabeth,
    I, like Sarah, at times would say to myself, “Wow this is talking directly to Liz and Adam.” Anyway, just wanted your family to know that our family is still concerned and thinking of you all.

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