Grandma Williams


Last Saturday we received word that Adam’s grandmother was in the hospital with pneumonia and wasn’t doing very at all. We had just finished saying prayers and had crawled into bed Sunday evening when we received the phone call that she had passed away.

We shed a few tears, but both accepted that it was her time to go. Over the past several years, her mental health had deteriorated large scale, and it is was sad to watch her struggle through her last bit of mortal existence.

That night we laid in bed and talked about our favorite Grandma Williams memories. Grandma was one FUNNY lady. She loved her children and she loved her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. And while we will all miss her dearly, the one person she loved the most has been waiting for her for eighteen years. What a beautiful moment that must have been: husband and wife reunited for all eternity.

Next week Adam’s younger brother Jake will be married in the temple for time and all eternity. What a wonderful reminder that our family is forever and that we will be with Grandma again. I know that she will be there next week; with her husband by her side – witnessing the generations that are continuing on after her.

We sure will miss Grandma Williams and we are sad that we will not be able to attend her memorial service tomorrow in Utah. However, we are there in spirit. I know that it will be a great service, memorializing a great woman.


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