TWO Years


Today is the official two year mark of our move to Iowa.

We have really enjoyed our two years in Ames. We have made some incredible friends, and have experienced “cultures” much different to what we were used to back West. The area is beautiful and the people are kind. Yes, there are times when the weather leaves much to be desired…but that’s really our only complaint.

We have changed a lot since we first moved to Ames two years ago. Our independence and distance from family played a huge part in that change, as did the transition from BYU to ISU. Our community and ward family were another very large factor in making us become who we are now, and obviously, little Jack’s birth and death played a vital role.

While we are not perfect people, I do believe that we have changed for the better. We are better able to recognize things of real value, and are better able to set aside things that don’t matter so much. Iowa will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will never forget our time here and hope that the lessons we have learned will continue to shape us into the people that we need to become.

Megan two years ago:
Two Years Ago

Megan one year ago:
Last Year

and Miss Megan today:
Megan Today

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  1. I agree our time in Ames made us better people too. We loved the people the most. I agree the weather wasn’t great but it was definitely an adventure. We miss Ames so much but we are greatful for the opportunity we had to live there and grow there.

  2. ahhhhh – I so wish you would be here for lots longer than 2 years. we’re thrilled we were able to be part of the last 2 years!

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