The Woods


Rebecca and ElizabethThis weekend we were able to visit briefly with our friends Ty and Rebecca Woods. We consider Ty and Rebecca two of our very best friends, and it had been too long since we had last seen them.

Ty and AdamTy was roommates with Adam at BYU and our weddings were within one month of each other. After we were married, we all moved into the same ward (it wasn’t planned) and continued to foster a strong and lasting relationship. We have experienced some pretty big things together and can talk about pretty much anything.

Megan and JacksonOur visit was short, but it was nice. It was great to meet their little boy Jackson; who has got to be one of the cutest little boys I have ever met!

Here’s hoping that our next visits will be much more frequent than once every two years!

(And P.S. thanks for cutting your anniversary trip short so we could meet up! It would have been SO hard to leave without getting to see you.)

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  1. Yay! We have twin posts! It was so good to see you guys! Love you!

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