Happy Mother’s Day


I never do any of the posts on “our” blog. Elizabeth always does such a great job and is very good at describing what is happening with us. Well, I wanted to do a special post for Mother’s Day.
I remember when I told my parents I had asked Elizabeth to marry me, my mother asked about some of her qualities that I liked and made me want to marry her. Besides how beautiful she is, how she makes me laugh and feel good about myself, how she is such a strong person and has a wonderful love for the Savior and her fellow man, I distinctly remember stating that she would make an excellent mother…and how right I was.
Even before we were married, she spent much of her time “mothering” nieces, nephews, and other children. She loved them so much and would always make many sacrifices in her own life. Those choices prepared her to become the great mother she is today.
I love learning from her example with how she treats our daughter, Megan. I know she loves her so much from the patience, interest, time, teaching, and love she selflessly gives. Even at times when Megan can be draining, she continues to be understanding and patient. Elizabeth also realizes that time with our children is short and precious, and she makes certain that the important life lessons are taught. It’s interesting to note that I have learned how to be a father, by watching how she has been a mother.
I have learned much about motherhood from our experiences with our second child, Jack. I began to view the depth and complexities of emotions and love a mother has for her loved ones. I also saw, even in the midst of all the pain and heartache, a mother who did not give in to hopelessness and despair, but exercised faith in God’s promises, and lives with a sure knowledge that she is and always will be Jack’s mother. She knows that our family is eternal, and understands the Plan of Salvation.
I am so thankful for her this Mother’s Day, because she knows that “the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” I am grateful for her, because she is the mother of my children, and she has blessed and made our family happy. Happy Mother’s Day Elizabeth, and may you experience many joyful moments in your life as a mother.


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  1. that was the greatest thing I’ve read in a long time. Elizabeth totally inspires me to be better too

  2. Happy Mother’s day Liz. I know that this is probably a hard day. I was going to just message you on facebook, but something said to look on here. Perhaps this is a more appropriate way to say that I still have deep heartache for you and Adam. I just wanted you to know that we are still concerned and in a small degree joined in your sorrow. But today is a day of reverencing one the most eternally scared callings that exists. I love you and hope that today, through some special tender mercy, you can feel Jack’s love along with Megan’s.

  3. Happy Mother’s day to one of the best moms out there. That was an awesome post Adam. You are both wonderful.

  4. Beautiful thoughts Adam. Thanks for sharing.
    You sure did get it right when you chose Elizabeth to be your wife and the mother of your children.
    Together, you two are wonderful.
    Families are forever!!!

  5. Adam. I loved reading that post. I agree with you and also am grateful that Elizabeth is your wife and the mother of your children. I love you all.

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