Mother’s Day


Adam took excellent care of me this Mother’s Day. He knew I would be fragile, and he did anything and everything he could to make sure that the day was happy for me.

RosesWe went on a getaway to Minneapolis, he bought me roses, he wrote me a beautiful and sweet surprise blog post, and he even took charge of Sunday dinner. Let’s not forget the allowing me to sleep in, the taking total care of miss Megan, and the cleaning. He really went out of his way to ensure that I felt appreciated. And he succeeded.

Today was not as difficult as I anticipated. Certainly I felt a little sting as I thought of my little Jack, but I tried to focus my thoughts more on my wonderful mothers (both my own and Adam’s) and how much I appreciate them. They are both wonderful sources of strength to me, and I know that they love me and my children so dearly. No one could ask for better mothers.

Brand New MeganFor as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mother more then anything else. I will never forget the moment that my Megan was placed into my arms for the first time. It was more wonderful then I ever could have imagined. It’s hard to believe that she made me an “official” mother nearly three years ago. I sure love that little monster.

From JackWhile the sorrow of losing Jack is immense, so also is the joy of raising Megan. I thank my Heavenly Father daily for entrusting her in my care, and also plead for strength and guidance to be the mother she deserves. She gives me plenty of reasons to smile each day, and is a constant reminder of Heavenly Father’s love for me.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day




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  1. You are an amazing person. I love reading your posts because you always inspire me to be a better person. Thanks so much.

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