To Michigan for a Funeral


Grandma We were so sad when it didn’t work out for Adam to attend his grandmother’s memorial service in Utah. We went back and forth toying with so many different options but finally had to just accept that we wouldn’t be able to make it. When we heard that the actual funeral and burial would take place in Michigan, we really hoped that things would fall into place so we could go, and at the very least that Adam might just go on his own. Well, things did fall into place just perfectly and Adam was able to be there for the funeral this past week.

Adam phoned me during the luncheon that took place right after the services. From his voice I could tell immediately that he was so happy that he had gone and as he told me about the funeral and his time there, I could see why. The funeral was really beautiful, he said, and SO many people came to pay their respects to such a wonderful woman. He heard so many sweet memories and stories about her, from so many different people. Adam also felt so honored that he was able to dedicate Grandma’s grave site. What a tender connection he will forever have to this woman he loved so much.

Adam was also able to spend some time with his mom and her three siblings while there. He told me about all the stories they shared with him about growing up in Michigan. He came home just bursting with lots of fun stories about them and his grandparents. He told me several times how nice it was to just listen to them and be a part of their tender memories. I loved listening to him repeat what he had heard. I especially enjoyed hearing things about my mother-in-law in her youth. It was fun to imagine what she might have been like back then.

I sure missed Adam while he was gone in Michigan, but I am SO glad that he was able to go, and more importantly, HE was SO glad that he was able to go. We both loved Grandma Williams SO dearly, and we are so grateful to be a part of her eternal family. Those who knew Grandma know that she was always quick with jokes and could have even the grumpiest of people smiling in seconds. I will always smile when I remember her.
‘Till we meet again!

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  1. I am sure Grandma Williams has some angelic company she is with now. I know she is so glad to be with Prince Jack!

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