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Happy Mother’s Day


I never do any of the posts on “our” blog. Elizabeth always does such a great job and is very good at describing what is happening with us. Well, I wanted to do a special post for Mother’s Day.
I remember when I told my parents I had asked Elizabeth to marry me, my mother asked about some of her qualities that I liked and made me want to marry her. Besides how beautiful she is, how she makes me laugh and feel good about myself, how she is such a strong person and has a wonderful love for the Savior and her fellow man, I distinctly remember stating that she would make an excellent mother…and how right I was.
Even before we were married, she spent much of her time “mothering” nieces, nephews, and other children. She loved them so much and would always make many sacrifices in her own life. Those choices prepared her to become the great mother she is today.
I love learning from her example with how she treats our daughter, Megan. I know she loves her so much from the patience, interest, time, teaching, and love she selflessly gives. Even at times when Megan can be draining, she continues to be understanding and patient. Elizabeth also realizes that time with our children is short and precious, and she makes certain that the important life lessons are taught. It’s interesting to note that I have learned how to be a father, by watching how she has been a mother.
I have learned much about motherhood from our experiences with our second child, Jack. I began to view the depth and complexities of emotions and love a mother has for her loved ones. I also saw, even in the midst of all the pain and heartache, a mother who did not give in to hopelessness and despair, but exercised faith in God’s promises, and lives with a sure knowledge that she is and always will be Jack’s mother. She knows that our family is eternal, and understands the Plan of Salvation.
I am so thankful for her this Mother’s Day, because she knows that “the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” I am grateful for her, because she is the mother of my children, and she has blessed and made our family happy. Happy Mother’s Day Elizabeth, and may you experience many joyful moments in your life as a mother.




WAY TO GO!Today is a big day in the Johanson house. Adam finished his last final and is now officially done with all tests, homework, and classes for his Master’s degree. I am so proud of him for all his hard work and dedication. I know it wasn’t easy for him to fulfill his responsibilities as husband, father, and student. BUT not only did he fulfill those duties, but he went above and beyond! He has worked so hard.

CookiesMegan and I spent the afternoon making congratulatory cookies for our Adam. We also went out to dinner and are hoping to do something fun this weekend to celebrate.

Adam won’t officially graduate with his Master’s until August, and for the next three months, he will be working hard on his thesis as well as applying for jobs. It’s hard to believe that this chapter of our lives is quickly approaching an end. We are so excited for what the future may hold.

Way to go, Adam! Your girls love you so much and are so proud of you!

Arriving home after his last final.  ALL DONE!

Arriving home after his last final. ALL DONE!

Another Wedding!


Miss Megan

Jake and Cami On May 2nd, Adam’s little brother Jake was married to (our now sister-in-law) Cami, for time and all eternity, in the Mesa, Arizona temple. Our little family headed out to Arizona on Friday and had a great weekend full of family and wedding hustle and bustle.

SwimmingFriday afternoon we enjoyed swimming with the family. Megan had SUCH a great time running between the hot tub and the pool. She wanted so much to be like her older cousins who are the best little swimmers, and we had to explain to her MANY times that she can’t swim under the water like them!

Later that night we all met at Marie Callender’s for dinner. Probably for everyone else involved, the dinner was fantastic. But…for several reasons, Megan wasn’t up to it: and let EVERYONE know. I headed back to the hotel with a screaming babe about 30 minutes into the dinner. I hardly had a chance to get Megan into her pajamas before she fell asleep. Turns out the dinner was fantastic and everyone had a good time getting to know each other.

Mesa TempleSaturday was the BIG day. We dropped Megan off with some sitters that my sister-in-law Mary arranged, and then made our way to the temple. The temple was very busy, but it was a good kind of busy and I even ran into an old friend from my BYU semester in London. The ceremony itself was WONDERFUL. I was totally tuned into the wedding as it applied to Jake and Cami, but of course my thoughts were also completely with Jack and what the sealing power of the temple means for my little family. I am so grateful to have been a part of this for Jake and Cami. It truly was a beautiful ceremony.

Bride and GroomThe reception that evening was also wonderful. It was held at Cami’s dad’s house, and the weather was perfect for an evening spent outside. The bride and groom were glowing and all the guests were so happy for them. Megan spent the majority of the evening playing with the landscaping, and I had some good chats with family members (I especially appreciated the chat I had with cousin Amy. “I miss you. The end.”) It was fun and sad to send the happy couple on their way. We hope to see you again soon!

We had a really great weekend AND would not have minded a longer trip. We are so happy for Jake and Cami. We are sad that their cruise to Mexico was canceled…but hope they are having a great honeymoon in San Diego. We love you guys!!

The Woods


Rebecca and ElizabethThis weekend we were able to visit briefly with our friends Ty and Rebecca Woods. We consider Ty and Rebecca two of our very best friends, and it had been too long since we had last seen them.

Ty and AdamTy was roommates with Adam at BYU and our weddings were within one month of each other. After we were married, we all moved into the same ward (it wasn’t planned) and continued to foster a strong and lasting relationship. We have experienced some pretty big things together and can talk about pretty much anything.

Megan and JacksonOur visit was short, but it was nice. It was great to meet their little boy Jackson; who has got to be one of the cutest little boys I have ever met!

Here’s hoping that our next visits will be much more frequent than once every two years!

(And P.S. thanks for cutting your anniversary trip short so we could meet up! It would have been SO hard to leave without getting to see you.)

TWO Years


Today is the official two year mark of our move to Iowa.

We have really enjoyed our two years in Ames. We have made some incredible friends, and have experienced “cultures” much different to what we were used to back West. The area is beautiful and the people are kind. Yes, there are times when the weather leaves much to be desired…but that’s really our only complaint.

We have changed a lot since we first moved to Ames two years ago. Our independence and distance from family played a huge part in that change, as did the transition from BYU to ISU. Our community and ward family were another very large factor in making us become who we are now, and obviously, little Jack’s birth and death played a vital role.

While we are not perfect people, I do believe that we have changed for the better. We are better able to recognize things of real value, and are better able to set aside things that don’t matter so much. Iowa will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will never forget our time here and hope that the lessons we have learned will continue to shape us into the people that we need to become.

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