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Praise to the Man


This is Megan’s new favorite song. She requests we sing it every family night, and sings it herself all throughout the day.

I love hearing her sweet little voice sing tribute to the prophet Joseph Smith. Music is such a wonderful learning tool, and I am grateful that Megan’s interest in music leads to opportunities to teach her about the truths of the Gospel.

The song “Praise to the Man” is about Joseph Smith. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I know that he received divine manifestation about the true and living church. Click here to read Joseph’s account about how he came to know the truth for himself.

She’s THREE!



Megan is Three!

Yesterday we celebrated Miss Megan’s third birthday. We had such a wonderful day, and Megan seemed to totally understand what was going on. We filled the day with Megan’s favorite activites and ate at her favorite places and she LOVED opening her presents! The day could not have gone any better.

We sure love our little girl and look forward to this next year. Happy Birthday, Bug!!

The Gift of Life


Three years ago this very night I was lying in a hospital bed awaiting the birth of my little girl. She was running about a week “late” and I was understandably ever so anxious for her arrival.

Brand New MeggieI was induced, for several reasons, and I have no complaints about the entire labor experience. Yes, it was painful (obviously), but I was in labor only about ten hours. When she decided to come, she came quickly and easily. I think I pushed like three times. They immediately placed her into my arms, and she was the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen.

As wonderful as that moment was, I did not fully comprehend the magnitude of the miracle that was her birth. So many things have to go right in order for a child to be born perfect and healthy, and most of the time they do. The mother that I was three years ago did not understand what a blessing and gift and a miracle that tiny child was. The mother that I am today knows, at the deepest level, just how precious my little girl is.

One year ago my Megan was turning two. I was not very excited. I was saddened at the thought of my baby growing up. Tonight, I am so anxious and excited about tomorrow. I can’t wait to celebrate what was one of the best days of my life. cakeThat is why there are about thirty presents wrapped and tucked away in the laundry room (no, they are not all from us. We have been receiving packages all week!). That is why I have a long list of Megan’s favorite things to do planned out for tomorrow. And that is why I spent hours working on her birthday cake – which I can guarantee she will not take even one bite of.

However, to me her birthday is no longer just about having a party and cake and presents and celebrating each time she is one year older. It is about remembering the miracle and majesty that is birth and life.

You know all those things that have to go right for a child to be perfect and healthy? I know now the pain and the heartache when just one of those things goes wrong. But thanks to Megan: I also know the joy and the happiness when everything turns out just right.

I love you bug. To the moon!

A Meg and a Mom

Father’s Day in Arkansas


Another sappy post about how awesome Adam is??? You got it…and some!!

We spent Father’s Day weekend in Arkansas with Adam’s brother and his family. We had such a full yet relaxing weekend and enjoyed every minute of our time with the Matt and Mary Johanson family.

Matt and Mary have three little girls, and I just loved watching Megan play with her cousins. Of course she could play with little girls any time, but there was just something special about witnessing the interaction between these sweet cousins.

Megan with cousins Michelle and Allison

Megan with cousins Michelle and Allison



Here is a picture of little Isabelle. My goodness, I love that little bug. She has the most fun little personality, and she is so sweet. I loved getting to know her better. She is so spunky and so smart. I already miss her and her little Minnie Mouse. I would kiss that little face no matter how messy it was…right, Mary?

Our weekend was filled with lots of activities, including a little pre-birthday celebration for Megan who will be three this week. I think the boys had a pretty great father’s day: Adam loved the homemade pizza, and Matt appreciated that we let him win at Ligretto.

Matt and Adam are a lot alike. They have many of the same personality traits, and even talk very similiar. Also, they are both excellent fathers. Obviously, I witness daily what a wonderful father Adam is, and every time I am with Matt, I see that he too is an excellent Daddy. Someone must have raised these two right.

Daddy Matt and Daddy Adam

Speaking of that someone…we hope that Dad Johanson had a wonderful father’s day. What an excellent daddy you are, and an even better grandpa! Mary and I worked long and hard on the perfect gift..well…Mary did the long part…and I did the hard part…ah, who am I kidding, I only did one “m”. But it’s the LOVE that counts and I put a lot of love into it!!! Can’t wait for you to see it so you know what I am talking about! I think you’ll love it.

A Grandpa, a Daddy, and a Meg

My sister Sarah posted this video on her blog which is part of a tribute my brother-in-law made for my dad the Christmas after he died. I sure missed my dad on Father’s Day, but I am grateful for the knowledge of forever families and know that he is with my Jack. My sister is singing the song at the end of the video.

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. I know we did! Thank you so much Matty and Mary for the wonderful weekend.

Mormons invade Des Moines


MoTab ConcertLast night Adam and I were able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert in Des Moines. Adam LOVES the MoTab so much. We have every cd (well, almost. There are a couple new ones we haven’t ordered yet and he can hardly stand it!) The concert was as wonderful as was to be expected, and Adam and I enjoyed an evening out together.

Megan and RachelLucky Megan got to hang out with her sweet friend Rachel. When trying to line up babysitting, I was a little daunted about the fact that the concert was at 7:30pm and 45 minutes away from home. Then I realized James and Cynthia live in Des Moines and it had been too long since we had seen them. I am so grateful they hosted Megan, and it was nice to see them: as usual.

Music does so much for me on so many levels. I loved the great variety of music performed by the Choir and am so grateful that I was able to attend last night’s concert. It was truly awesome.