Mormons invade Des Moines


MoTab ConcertLast night Adam and I were able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert in Des Moines. Adam LOVES the MoTab so much. We have every cd (well, almost. There are a couple new ones we haven’t ordered yet and he can hardly stand it!) The concert was as wonderful as was to be expected, and Adam and I enjoyed an evening out together.

Megan and RachelLucky Megan got to hang out with her sweet friend Rachel. When trying to line up babysitting, I was a little daunted about the fact that the concert was at 7:30pm and 45 minutes away from home. Then I realized James and Cynthia live in Des Moines and it had been too long since we had seen them. I am so grateful they hosted Megan, and it was nice to see them: as usual.

Music does so much for me on so many levels. I loved the great variety of music performed by the Choir and am so grateful that I was able to attend last night’s concert. It was truly awesome.



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  1. Is that Nicholas’ parents who Megan got to be with?
    We LOVED the concert so much — we even bought the new CD 🙂

  2. I want all the CDs! I never buy them cause they’re too expensive for me . . . and they never seems to be discounted enough . . . glad you had fun. I wish they would have come here! 😦

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