Praise to the Man


This is Megan’s new favorite song. She requests we sing it every family night, and sings it herself all throughout the day.

I love hearing her sweet little voice sing tribute to the prophet Joseph Smith. Music is such a wonderful learning tool, and I am grateful that Megan’s interest in music leads to opportunities to teach her about the truths of the Gospel.

The song “Praise to the Man” is about Joseph Smith. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I know that he received divine manifestation about the true and living church. Click here to read Joseph’s account about how he came to know the truth for himself.


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  1. What a righteous daughter you have! That was so stinkin’ cute! Happy birthday bug!

  2. I LOVED hearing Megan sing this beautiful song. One of my favorite things is to hear spiritual music come from such tiny lips. Thanks for sharing it with me!

  3. You know I really like that song a lot more after I realized it was written by W W Phelps who had been excommunicated and then returned. He had been the cause of so many hardships. He was among those who bore false testimony against the Prophet and other Church leaders, leading to their imprisonment in Missouri. In June 1840, Brother Phelps wrote to Joseph Smith, pleading for forgiveness. Part of the prophets responce was, “It is true, that we have suffered much in consequence of your behavior, the cup of gall, already full enough for mortals to drink, was indeed filled to overflowing when you turned against us… However, the cup has been drunk, the will of our Father has been done, and we are yet alive, for which we thank the Lord. Believing your confession to be real, and your repentance genuine, I shall be happy once again to give you the right hand of fellowship, and rejoice over the returning prodigal.”

    Knowing this the words mean so much more to me.

  4. You have such a smart little one! I love your posts on Megan, and I REALLY love your blog’s banner. Adorable.

  5. She is such a doll and has a lovely little voice. That is one of my favorites too. Such wonderful lyrics.

  6. That’s incredible to me. You know, when my 3-year-old is in charge of the music for family home evening, we usually are singing either the ABC’s or Wheels on the Bus…. GO MEGAN!

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