The Plan…………for now


Tycho RemnantOne week from tomorrow, Adam will give a half hour presentation of his thesis, (“H1 Absorption Toward MAGPIS Supernova Remnant Candidates”) to a panel of professors at the university. Following which, they will test his astrophysical knowledge by randomly questing him regarding anything (and everything) he should have learned during his graduate studies. This questioning should last about an hour to an hour and a half.

Assuming that everything goes smoothly (please, please, please!), and that Adam is able to demonstrate that he really does deserve a Master’s Degree in Astrophysics (which obviously, he does), our time in Iowa will be at an end.

PackingAdam has applied to many jobs, and all applications are “under review”. We knew that there was a good possibility of there being a period of uncertainty and we made plans for such an event. We will temporarily be returning to Las Vegas.

So the packing has begun. Is there anyone in the world that enjoys packing? It sure is one of my least favorite things!

However, I am excited about what lay ahead for our little family. We have no reason to not be optimistic or confident because we know that fear and faith cannot coexist and we have faith that Lord wants what’s best for us and has a wonderful plan prepared.

Arrival in Ames, May 2007

Arrival in Ames, May 2007

We will MISS our home here in Iowa. More than I could say. In so many ways this move will be SO good for us…but in so many ways it will be SO difficult. We will not forget this place or the people anytime soon. That’s for SURE! We won’t be moving for several more weeks, and we plan to enjoy every moment of our remaining time here.


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  1. Adam will do great. Megan shouldn’t travel in a box…and we will see y’all soon and know how hard it is to leave home, even if you are returning to another home.

  2. I can’t believe how little Megan looks in that last picture. It’s crazy to see how much she has grown the past few years. Anyway, good luck with everything. We are in the process of applying for jobs right now. Jeremy graduates in December. The whole not knowing where you will end up is quite stressful.

  3. Good luck to Adam and congrats on finishing up! I hope the change of scenery gives you a new wave of optimism and happiness…I love moving just for that reason. You get to make a new start. But just know that you will be sorely, sorely missed here. You guys are the very best.

  4. Good luck to Adam. That questioning can be intimidating, but I’m sure Adam knows his stuff. Looking forward to having you guys a bit closer, and hoping he gets a job in California!

  5. I wish Adam luck! I’m sure he will do great! I actually went and watched Tom defend his thesis. Didn’t understand most of it but sure was glad to be there when he found out that he had passed!

  6. Congrats to one of the smartest people I know. You’ll do great. So, next Thursday? Good luck. We’ll be praying and thinking of you all day!

  7. wow… I have no idea what his topic is about… but I am impressed.
    And how exciting about the move! Good luck with the packing… that is work and then some… but it looks like Megan is already in there helping out 🙂

  8. It is very hard to move away from what you know and what you have become so used too. You realize how much you depending on people, those you knew you couldn’t live without and those you had no idea how important they were until they were gone. But beginning a new adventure is fun too. My biggest problem is still ‘wanting’ what I had in Iowa and not being happy with what I have here. It takes a lot of praying for peace and knowing that this is where Heavenly Father wants us. At least for now. I try not to second guess the choices I’ve made that have brought me to this point and only look forward to the things I have ahead of me. So have fun packing….not at all my favorite thing to do either. Although in my case it helped me get ride of lots of ‘stuff’ I didn’t need.

  9. I think you should move to Minnesota. After all, since no one really lives here since it is so cold, there is less pollution and it is easy to see all the outer space stuff. Plus I’m here ~ BONUS!! JK (kinda!) good luck in Las Vegas! I hope Adam will find a job that he really enjoys!

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