CONGRATULATIONS ADAM! Master of Astrophysics!!


Today Adam proved to the world that he really does know his astrophysics!

I was able to attend the presentation part of his defense and I was so proud of the confident and collected manner in which he answered question after question AFTER question. I won’t go as far as to say that I enjoyed it…In fact, it was pretty awful. But it’s over and he passed! YAY!

Celebration!Thanks to Rachel who watched Megan so that I could go to the “half hour” presentation, which ended up being over an hour. One of the committee members just kept grilling Adam, and that was while the general audience was still present. I was so afraid for the private questioning, but he did it! Thanks also to Tom and Wendy for recording the presentation AND for taking us out to lunch after to celebrate! I think we will continue celebrating for days and weeks to come!!

YAY!I am so proud of Adam. For weeks his apprehension and anxiety about today have been on the rise and I didn’t comprehend the intensity of it all until I was actually there. I know that Adam has had a difficult time finding the motivation to keep working hard these past seven months or so, but he has pressed on!

Way to go Adam! Megan and I are so proud of you!!! We love you to the moon!

P.S. Holy cow Adam’s knowledge base is so much vaster then I even realize! Even though he has given me several simple run downs about what his thesis was about, I was SOO lost today! I love my rocket scientist!



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  1. “In fact it was pretty awful”?? I think you’re down-playing how YOU felt during this presentation. I think your exact words were “I wanted to cry, pee my pants and throw up.” I can’t imagine how Adam must have felt. Congrats Adam. What an accomplishment. When you come to Vegas we will have to celebrate BIG time.

  2. Congratulations Adam. Going to school and supporting a family is hard, but so worth it.

  3. I knew you would be fantastic! Congratulations Adam! Celebrate your BRAINS out! (of which I hear the capacity is quite large so that equates to a TON of celebrating!!!)

  4. YAY for both of you! Isn’t it a great feeling to FINALLY be done!? Since I was already in Texas, I didn’t get to go to Brock’s PhD defense, but I did go to his Master’s one a few years ago. I totally understand the stress! It felt like having another baby, only this time Brock was the one in labor. And all I could do was sit, watch, and PRAY!!! So happy for you guys!

  5. Wow… that is all I can say to anyone that has this kind of understanding. My little brain can not begin to wrap around this sort of info. Congratulations! What an exciting time!

  6. Great job! We’re happy to hear that you’re now ready to move to Arizona!

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