Closer to Family


Now that we are in Vegas, we are much closer to the majority of our family. Both of our parents live here, and only one of our combined eleven siblings does not live in a bordering state (I’m including Adam’s sister who will soon be moving to Arizona). In less than a week, I have already spent time with three of my six siblings and a handful of cousins. We’ve also been with one of Adam’s brothers and a sister and lots of his cousins. It has been so nice.

My two sisters and I

My two sisters and I

But, it is even more wonderful that we are so close to our Jack. We can visit him any time we’d like. We can have a picnic there. We can leave flowers and momentos. The visits will help Megan understand his passing. It is just so nice to be close to him.

Mom and Meg

We are also closer to my dad’s grave (it’s about an hour or so outside of Vegas.) We have already been to visit since we have been here. It was Megan’s first time visiting her grandpa. It is so sad that she never got to meet him in this life. Can’t wait for that day!

Megan and Jamison visit Grandpa

We are glad to be here with Sarah and Anthony, and Megan is enjoying being with her cousins. We don’t know when a job will come along and we don’t know where we will be headed. For now we are happy to be here: closer to family.
Game Night
Game Knights

My sister Ann's children, my sister Sarah's children, and Megan.

My sister Ann's children, my sister Sarah's children, and Megan.


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  1. I HATE it that you don’t live by me anymore. But seriously, those pictures made me cry…. I’m so happy for you guys. You and your sisters are beautiful and I’m thrilled that you are closer to Jack

  2. Well Lizzy J:
    I haven’t seen that smile in a very long time.
    I am like Shannon.. They make me cry.. They make me cry for a lot of reasons.. One.. is a happy cry that you are
    looking so at peace
    and One is a sad cry because you were so miserable here
    and One is a sad cry because I miss you so….

    I am Eternally blessed to have known you and worked with you. I am so grateful you have found some peace and are surrounded with love. Tell your mom I love her.
    I will really miss watching Meggie…

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