Oquirrh Mountain Temple


While in Utah, we were able to attend the last evening of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Before the doors are closed to all but temple recommend holding members of the church, the entire public is invited to walk through the temple and view the beauty and majesty that is the House of the Lord.

Temple Open HouseOf course being in the temple is always a wonderful experience for Adam and me. This, however, was Miss Megan’s first time in a temple. We talk about the temple all the time and she is a big fan of the song “I Love To See The Temple”. She had such a wonderful time walking through the beautiful rooms and was so pleasant and excited the entire time. She would read aloud for us the names of the rooms as we entered them, (“Ordinance Room”, “Sealing Room”, “Baptismal Font”, etc.). I hope that she could feel the special spirit that resides within the temple walls.

OquirrhAs part of the tour, we were all invited to sit in one of the sealing rooms where an older couple bore testimony of the temple’s special importance to them. Before they even told their story, I knew that they had lost a child and that they would share about how they were especially grateful for the sealing power of temple marriage. I don’t know if my radar is just really strong, or if I was just hoping for a special experience, but sure enough, they spoke about how they lost a very young boy and how grateful they are that they are eternally bound.

I thought about Baby Jack a lot while in the temple this weekend. The windows were covered in stars and even the chandeliers had a star design. Like that elderly couple who spoke to us in the sealing room, I too am so grateful for the sealing power of temple marriages.


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    I also made a screen print that I can mail to you. Just let me know.
    Thanks a lot for your testimony and experiences.

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