Remembering the Great Things of God


Two days after we arrived in Vegas, we hopped back into the car for another road-trip. This time we headed up to Utah for a weekend full of activites. One of the things we did was check out the 8th International Art Competition at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. The competition was entitled: “Remembering the Great Things of God.” The artwork was breathtaking, and we all picked our favorites.

Adam especially loved a painting depicting the exchange between Pilate and Christ.
Pilot and Christ

Megan’s favorite was of a little girl saying her prayers with her mama.

My favorite was a painting entitled “Atonement”. The description of the piece is as follows:

“A woman gazes heavenward as mallow petals, symbols of forgiveness and healing, fall. They transform this woman as they pass, changing from white to red, representing our Savior’s Atonement, a spiritual exchange and cleansing.”

This pioneer couple reminded us of Adam’s brother Josh and his wife, Alyssa.
Josh and Alyssa

I am so glad we had an opportunity to view this artwork. It was uplifting and beautiful. Be sure to check out the website where you can view many of the amazing pieces from the competition.



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  1. couldn’t figure out what blog this was 🙂 glad you’re home. we’ll be in salt lake next sunday; now I can’t wait to see this exhibit

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