Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Brittany!


Another one of our Utah activities was a wedding reception for Adam’s cousin, Brittany. No, she’s not sixteen, but my most special memory of Brittany happened right before her sixteenth birthday. I actually met her for the first time then, and Megan was just a brand new baby. She took one look at my little Megan and said, “She is the cutest baby I have EVER seen.” Obviously, I agreed, and I knew right then that Brittany was a gal I liked.

Several weeks later, we celebrated Brittany’s sixteenth birthday. We all went around telling sweet stories about Brittany or saying something nice about her. Everyone was in a agreement that she is one sweetheart of a girl.

Megan at Brittany's 16th Birthday Party

Megan at Brittany's 16th Birthday Party

Now she is all grown up and married to Mr. Adam Stubbs. I very much enjoyed her reception and seeing many of Adam’s cousins who I hadn’t seen in years.

Stubbs Wedding

Congratulations to Brittany and Adam. We wish you the best!


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  1. You didn’t say anything about how you talked to me. I was so happy to see you here! I am glad you came up! It was fun to see you! Love you guys!

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