Another Family Filled Weekend


Last weekend Megan and I (Adam had to stay behind and work) headed up to Running Springs, California specifically to celebrate my brother Loren’s graduation from Chiropractic school. Loren and his wife Sonya threw an excellent graduation party, complete with yummy food and football.

The morning of the party, we hit Big Bear lake. Some people wake-boarded. Some people cliff jumped. Some people (read: Tad) got the boat up to its highest speed ever (40 mph) while some other people (read: Elizabeth and Sarah) were being pulled behind the boat in a two man tube (holding tight for dear life.)
40 MPH

After the party, a large group of us took a walk through the mountains where my brother Tad did his Eagle Scout project twenty-three years ago. It was so beautiful and everyone on the “hike” had an excellent time. Megan loves to be outdoors and she loved running through the mountain trails.


It was a totally fun filled weekend (also complete with plenty of Wii, a rousing game of Sequence, and a midnight break-in of the local thrift store with Tracy.) It is so nice to be the one writing about these activities and not just reading them…sorry Ann…



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  1. Looks like you guys had a REALLY good time….maybe too good! Megan is such a cutie!

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