If you don’t know Adam well enough to know that he is one of the biggest BYU football fans there is; than you don’t know Adam at all. Last weekend Adam was able to go the the BYU/Utah State game in Provo, and this past weekend, we both went to the BYU/UNLV game here in Vegas (along with Adam’s brother and his wife, my mom, my sister and her son, and two of my brothers). The game was so awesome, despite the fact that we were sitting in the UNLV student section.

We had awesome seats (thanks to Sarah and my mom), and I cheered and yelled so much (surpassed only by my brother Loren). We were able to befriend the UNLV fans around us (well…for the most part…) so we all had a great time.

The night before the game, the BYU football team held a fireside at a local chapel. There, many of the players bore their testimony of Christ through music and the spoken word. It was pretty cool to see those big football guys sing hymns, give talks, and say prayers.

Coach Mendenhall

Coach Mendenhall

I got to meet head coach Bronco Mendenhall as well as the quarterback coach, Brandon Doman. Doman was the quarterback when I was a student at BYU, and his team was the team that made a Cougar football fan out of me.

Coach Doman

Coach Doman

We are only several games into the official season, and our Cougars are doing great. We would cheer for the Cougars: win or lose, but it doesn’t hurt that the Cougars are always awesome. Megan is also quite the little fan. She loves when BYU football is on the TV and she loves to wear her BYU shirts. Go Cougars!


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  1. Such a cute family. Isn’t it nice to be back west?? Hey, what does APX mean? I KNEW you wouldn’t know!

  2. I love you blog Elizabeth…I have read a lot of just because your life is so amazing to me…you are so great, I wish we were closer in real life…you are such an inspiration!

  3. the cougars are out! 🙂
    what great pictures – great for me to see your mom. and you are looking way too fabulous my friend

  4. My friend Jen would love you guys!! Her nephew is their QB now and she is a pretty die hard fan! Doesn’t miss a game. Drives to Provo every time they have a home game.

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