My Princess, the Princess



IMG_5449As the daughter of a woman who puts great value on what her little girl wears, and loves to dress her in the cutest little outfits and dresses (especially for special occasions); it’s a little surprising that Megan usually couldn’t care less about what she is wearing. That’s why this mama was so excited today when Miss Megan (of her own doing) pulled on the frilliest, “girliest”, pinkest outfit she could get her hands on: then refused to take it off! She looked so precious and so sweet…I just had to snap some pictures. And…as the daughter of a woman who LOVES to get pictures of EVERYTHING she does, it’s probably not surprising that Miss Megan is not a fan of posing for her mama. BUT she must have sensed her mom’s excitement for her new found interest in dress-up so she just smiled away!

I don’t know how she does it, but this little girl finds ways to make this mama love her more: each and every day!


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  1. I think every mom can’t wait till their daughter gets into the “princess” phase. I can’t wait for Niamh to be there. Megan makes such a beautiful princess.

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