Birth Day Celebration


Adam and I kicked off Baby Jack’s birth day celebration by heading to the temple. We participated in several sealings, two of which were particularly special. My great grandparents, Alva and Louisa Rich, lost two infant children: a little boy, and a little girl. Adam and I were able to perform the sealing ordinances for these children to their parents. Because I know Jack is sealed to me forever, it was especially wonderful to play a role in sealing my grandparents to the infants they lost.

Adam and I heading to the Temple

Tonight, we gathered at the cemetery with the majority of our Vegas family members. Jack got his very own birthday cake, and his sister blew out his candle for him.

Each family member released a balloon in honor of Jack. We convinced the children that we needed to send the balloons to heaven so Jack could play with them. Not one child had a hard time letting go of their balloons.

After the balloon release, we returned home for dinner and cake. The first meal I can remember eating after Jack was born was lasagna at the Ronald McDonald House…so that’s what we had for Jack’s birthday dinner. Throw in some carrot cake and vanilla bean ice cream…and the party was complete.

I think Jack would have approved of his birthday celebrations. His daddy and I worked long and hard to make the day perfect, and my body is aching from head to toe with exhaustion. But I love serving and celebrating my little Jack. The ache of exhaustion I feel today is a good kind of ache. It helps ease the pain that constantly ebbs from my heart.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jack. We love you and miss you. I will never forget the day you were born.


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  1. Your activities today sound like the perfect way to remember Jack. As promised, we’re thinking of all of you today! (And most other days too.) Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. What a PERFECT day! I thought of you all day and even woke up in the night last night thinking of you. Being able to seal children to their parents in the temple today is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing the day – absolutely perfect

  3. What a wonderful day! There is not another place in the world where you could feel Jack closer to you on Earth, and feel at peace. It sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration that I’m sure Jack was there with you for. He knows how much you love him and I’m sure he is anxiously anticipating the day he can celebrate in person again.

  4. What a beautiful celebration of Jack. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. You are such a strenght to me Liz! Your family is beautiful.

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