“My New Little Friend”


In November, my little brother Sam posted this note on Facebook. He published it just hours after I found out I was miscarrying (without even knowing), and it was a sweet tender mercy at such a difficult time. Sam loves his little nieces and nephews so much, and he treats them with such kindness. I wanted to record his note here so that I would always have it, and so that Megan would always know how much her Uncle Sam loves her (a feeling that is definitely mutual!).

A little while back, my sister Elizabeth and her family returned to Vegas. Although their stay most likely has an expiration date, I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to spend more time with Elizabeth than I’ve had since high school, roughly eight years ago. She and I spent much of our childhood together (seeing as that we’re only fifteen months apart in age).

I’m also very grateful to have Elizabeth’s husband Adam around. Adam and I have a lot of the same interests and he’s more than just a great intellectual asset, like when I was taking finite mathematics, (considering that he’s a astrophysicist, a mathematician, and simply put… a genius), he’s got a really good sense of humor and cares deeply for my sister.

But most of all, I’m very grateful to have their daughter Megan more in my life than ever before. When Elizabeth and Adam lived in Iowa, I would read their blog and watch their videos of Megan singing songs at a very young age, saying the ABC’s backwards, reading the refrigerator magnets and then rearranging them to spell her own words, etc. Videos that made me miss a little girl who I barely even knew. Now that she lives a mile away, I get to see her all the time… and that girl… is amazing. Not only is she extremely intelligent, but she also has a great capacity to love. She loves playing with her cousins and loves her parents VERY much. One of my favorite things about Megan is when she gives you a kiss, she wraps her arms around your neck and gives you full attention. When you read her a book at night… she actually listens and, I believe, even knows what’s going on in the story… I can only image what kind of imagination that little girl has. I don’t know how long Megan and her family are going to be living here in Vegas, but I do know one thing, I’ll cherish the relationship that I have with that little girl for the rest of my life.


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