A New Cousin to Love


Megan LOVES her cousins. Each.And.Every. one of them. It is true that she has spent more time with some than others…and she knows those few a little better…but she knows who each of her cousins are and can put name with every face.

Megan used to ask me daily to draw pictures of her cousins. She would tell me which cousin, and what color, and I would draw a little stick figure representation of each cousin. Megan LOVED it! One day, when I was feeling particularly gung-ho, I sat at the computer with her and we designed stick figures for each one of her cousins. It was her favorite thing to do for weeks.

On Christmas morning, Megan found a little white t-shirt in her stocking. She was pleasantly surprised to find that I had taken those stick figures that we made online and put them on a shirt for her. It was an awesome gift…if I do say so myself…

As you can see, Megan has a lot of cousins. On Adam’s side she has ten (Shanna, Andrew, Katie, Jeremy, April, Allison, Michelle, Kimber, Isabelle, and Kyle) and on my side, she has fourteen (Torie, Coulson, Tara, Sarah, Mya, Bradley, Katherine, Tanner, Owen, Noah, Jamison, Marshall, Lyla, and Conley)…AND…with my sister Sarah expecting a baby girl in May…that number will soon be fifteen! Soon Miss Megan will have twenty-five cousins!

Growing up, I only had fourteen cousins total (3 girls…11 boys), and only two are even remotely close to me in age. SO I love that Megan has so many cousins, and especially so many cousins close to her own age. She loves being part of such a large family.

We are so excited for Sarah and Anthony, and can’t wait until May when their little Cora will arrive. I look forward to adding another stick figure to Megan’s shirt!

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  1. SO STINKING CUTE!! You are officially in charge of the t-shirt at the next family reunion. And I am wondering if I could get your help for something similar for my girls’ birthdays, this is just too awesome.

    ps) Can Megan tell Allison and Michelle apart? Without the hair help?

    pss) I love how this shows you know my little girls so well with their favorite colors and hair and all … you just don’t miss anything, do you?

  2. That is so sweet! I have good memories of getting together with extended family growing up. I wish my kids had that, and Megan is so lucky to have so many people to love! What a cute shirt to help her keep them close to her heart, too!

  3. Hi… This is really cute…I would love to do something like this for my family…Can you tell me what program you made this with? Please… Thanks

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