A Day Worth Celebrating


One year ago tonight I wrote a post announcing the birth of my little nephew Conley.

I can recall the day Conley was born very clearly. I remember receiving the news that Conley was officially on his way and I remember the excitement/anxiety/worry/jealousy that I felt at that moment. It was less than one month after Jack was had died, so I needlessly worried that Conley too might be born with problems…that he would be sick…or that something – anything – would go wrong. I called almost hourly and remember when I finally got the phone call that he was here…and that he was perfect…and that he was BEAUTIFUL. I remember hanging up the phone and having a good cry…..mostly I was relieved and happy.

Ten months ago I wrote about the anxiety I felt about meeting baby Conley for the first time. I had been avoiding little babies like it was my job, and I was headed to my sister’s house for a week long visit. I didn’t know how I would react to spending so much time with Conley, but it turned out to be another needless worry. I fell in love with him instantly and had no problem cradling him often in my arms.

Well, today was Conley’s first birthday. And let me tell you…Conley is just as sweet as they come. I love that little guy. So much. And it’s a different kind of love than I have for my other nieces and nephews…not necessarily a greater love. Just different. He’s less than two months younger than my little Jack. For the rest of my life he will be the age of my son.

He will always remind me of Jack (although I’m willing to bet they would look NOTHING alike!). And perhaps Jack was part of the farewell party that sent Conley to Earth: one year ago today.

Happy Birthday Conley! Thank you for being born.


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  1. Boo Hoo, I know about those feelings, because I had 2 friends due about the same time I was, with my first little baby. when they came, it was interesting. We also had the first girl born on my husband’s side. The next little girl born made me feel just a bit jealous too. I have to say that your little nephew is adorable.

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