Happy Happy Birthday! 27 Times Over!!!


Happy Birthday Adam!!!

Today is Adam’s twenty-seventh birthday!!

We started the celebration by having dinner with Adam’s parents. Mom and Dad Johanson treated us to one of our favorites: Applebee’s. We all had a great time and Megan especially didn’t want to leave.

Afterwards we headed to “our” place for cake, ice cream, and presents. It was so great to see all the attention focused on Adam. He is such a great guy. I love him too much.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Adam’s birthday so special. And…just for fun…here are twenty-seven of the million things that I love about Adam (in NO particular order):

1. He is an incredible daddy.
2. He is very very VERY handsome.
3. He is selfless.
4. He is kind.
5. He is compassionate.
6. He has an unwaivering testimony of the Gospel.
7. He NEVER argues.
8. He is nonjudgemental.
9. He is HONEST.
10. He is trustworthy.
11. He is a great football player.
12. He is sensitive.
13. He is clean. As in hygenic. AND as in tidy.
14. He plays the piano beautifully.
15. He is humble.
16. He is calm.
17. He has NEVER said a mean thing to me. Ever.
18. He is a hard worker.
19. He makes me laugh. A lot.
20. He sees the best in people.
21. He is forgiving.
22. He is not easily offended.
23. He puts my needs first. Always.
24. He is SO smart.
25. He is quiet.
26. He is fun.
27. He is prayerful.


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    Second, I think all girls should read that list before they get married to know what kind of men are out there. You’re obviously an awesome wife too

  2. Happy Birthday Adam! Elizabeth, it was so good to see you that I watched your video 5 times! Hah 🙂 Plus, Andrew loves Adam’s funny way of blowing out his candles…we might see a repeat on his 4th birthday! 🙂 Love you guys!

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