Story Time


Today I took Megan to the Provo City Library for Story Time.

I was a little apprehensive at first because the parents do not attend with the children and I didn’t know how Megan would act – especially since it was her first time.

Lucky for me, there is a video monitor outside the room so I could watch what was going on inside. Megan did excellent. She got a little antsy about halfway through, but she stayed where she was supossed to, and listened and participated when appropriate. I was so proud of her!

When she came out, I told her so. I said, “Megan! I’m so proud of you!” She replied, “Of us. Not just me. I mean, of course me, but we’re a team now. You’re so proud of us.”

I have Monsters vs Aliens to thank for her reply.

I look forward to making Story Time a part of our weekly routine. It was nice for me to just sit and read while I waited for her, and I am sure she will benefit from the small break away from mom. She’s definitely growing up.

And I am proud of her.


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  1. parents don’t go in to story time in provo? that’s crazy! but sounds nice to sit and read a book 🙂

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