For those of you who aren’t aware…

And even for those of you who are aware but are not fully aware…

Megan LOVES to read.


And there isn’t anything she can’t read.


Think you can stump her by pulling out your husband’s “Indroduction to Electrodynamics” textbook???

Think again.

Way back when Megan first expressed interest in reading (when she was only O-N-E year old) I gave myself little to no credit for her UH-maze-ing ability. When people asked about her “gift”, I would reply, “I introduced her to the alphabet when she was about 18 months, and it became immediately apparent that she had a passion for letters. She just kind of took off on her own.”

I have recently decided that that is not 100% true.

Yes, Megan is beyond gifted when it comes to reading, but I think it’s time to stop selling myself short.

I have worked hard to foster Megan’s love of letters. We read together: all the time. We talk about words and letters and their sounds and meanings and uses. And from purchasing her plenty of reading related: games, books, toys, etc., to making sure that the subtitles were rolling whenever she watched television: and EVERYTHING in between, I have definitely done my part.

In the past couple of weeks, however, an unacknowledged factor in Megan’s reading ability has made itself boldly known.

I, myself, am always reading.

It’s true. I am always working my way through a stack of books. And while awaiting my attention, said books reside on my nightstand, in plain sight of little wandering eyes. And there is always one book open and lying around, just waiting to be snatched up whenever a moment may allow.

And Megan…well, she’s noticed this fact.

And not only has she noticed this, but she has taken a very strong interest in what books mommy has taken a very strong interest in.

And so, my books are getting snatched up A LOT lately.

And not by me.

But by my three year old who is actually reading them.

Truer words could not have been said than those spoken by my sister Sarah:

“Good thing you don’t read smut.”

So, for you parents who want your children to read…

Who wouldn’t mind if you have a gifted and talented early reader…

Then YOU read.
Let them see you reading.
Show them that reading is important.

And above all:

“Seek ye out the best books”.
Doctrine and Covenants 88:118.

After all, you wouldn’t want your three year old reading smut,

would you?


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  1. So true. Sometimes I think it doesn’t matter if I read to Josiah since he’s so young, or that it would be weird to read one of my how-to-be-a-godly-woman books to him, but I’m starting to see that even though he doesn’t know what I’m saying, he is starting to take an interest in the fact that I am reading to him. And of course I read him his own books too. Tom and I definitely want to cultivate a passion for reading in our son!
    P.S. I love Megan’s haircut!

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