I Have A Dream…Well, Actually, I Have A Lot of Dreams


So this post will probably be a little different from my usual posts…which are usually about Megan and Jack and our family happenings. But this is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. And I would love any feedback from anybody who is interested in this topic, or has any similar experiences, or who knows anything about anything (especially anything regarding the subject). So, without further ado…

I am a dreamer. Meaning, I dream a lot. Every night I am guaranteed several dreams. Some are fairly pleasant. Most are not. Many are pretty frightening. The first dream I ever can remember having was a very frightful nightmare that I have never been able to remove from my mind. It involved two of my family members (two brothers, actually) and was pretty violent and disturbing. I don’t think it is the worst dream I have had, but it’s probably the one that has stuck with me most throughout the years.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to share some reoccurring elements of my dreams and see if anyone has any insight or has had similar experience. These are things that happen again and again and again in my dreams and I am curious (nothing more than mere curiosity, I assure you. Not concerned, just interested.)

Inability to run. So I know this one is VERY common. Most people can’t run in their dreams (especially if it’s running away from something). I have A LOT of dreams where I am trying to run away from someone, and I can never run. But here’s the thing, in EVERY google search I have done, people describe their inability to run as if their legs are stuck or too heavy or as if they are trying to run on the moon. For me, when I try to run in my dreams, I fall down – over and over and over again. I stumble and fall and try to get up just to keep falling. Many times I find myself trying to crawl because I just can’t keep myself upright. What’s your experience with trying to run in dreams??

Inability to scream. I am fairly certain that this is common, too. I find myself trying to yell and scream only to have no voice or a voice barely above a whisper.

I never have flying dreams. Never, not even once have I had a dream where I could fly. Adam says he has flying dreams all the time and that I am missing out. Am I the only one who doesn’t dream I can fly?

Often I know when I am dreaming. This usually comes in very handy. If I am in the middle of a frightening dream or am about to fall or get hurt, I can tell myself that it is just a dream and I can open my eyes and wake up. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost fallen to my death only to wake myself up just before impact.
Sometimes, however, this ability can be disappointing. I have had lots of dreams where I am granted a great shopping spree or find some great deals only to remind myself that I am dreaming and I don’t get to keep the stuff. Those are some of my least favorite dreams.
Sadly, however, I have many sad or disturbing dreams that I don’t know are dreams until I wake up. Does anyone else find themselves aware that they are dreaming whilst in the middle of their good old REM cycle??

I can read words but struggle with numbers. Sometimes the words are misspelled, but I can always read what it is supposedly saying and I “know” that things are misspelled. My biggest frustration comes when I am trying to call someone on the telephone in my dreams. I struggle over and over and OVER again with dialing. I always know what number I want to call, but my fingers don’t seem to want to listen and I misdial and have to start over again. What is your experience with letters and numbers in your dreams?

Even though I have more than my fair share of unpleasant dreams (which usually revolve around harm coming to myself or daughter), I have a lot of pleasant dreams, too. Most of those have to do with my dad or my son. One of my favorite dreams is one where I was walking with my dad and I asked him what Heaven was like and he told me it was “wonderful”. Another favorite is a dream I had where I was holding baby Jack. He was very sick and I knew he was going to die, but at least I got hold him before it happened. Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that I am grateful that I am a dreamer. I am glad I am not one of those people who never dream.

So anyway, this may not be of much interest to anyone, but as an avid dreamer, it’s something that I have great interest in. I would love to read a good book about dreams or about interpreting dreams…any suggestions??

Alright, good night.


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  1. I am a regular dreamer as well. I don’t know of any good books, but I think books about interpreting dreams would read kind of like a horoscope, you know? Let me know if you find out otherwise.

  2. “The first dream I ever can remember having was a very frightful nightmare that I have never been able to remove from my mind. It involved two of my family members (two brothers, actually) and was pretty violent and disturbing.”

    Are you referring to the dream you had when you were about 4 or 5 years old where I attacked Sam with a hammer? If so, thanks for sharing that dream with mom and Sam. Turns out, Sam was also disturbed by that dream, or at least your repeated rendition of it, and took the opportunity to wack me upside the nose with a 10lbs wooden rolling pin while I was laying on the ground (defenseless) watching TV. I doubt your dream was as disturbing as the actual blood gushing from my face.

  3. Good subject… I wonder if girls are more frequent dreamers than guys. Macie will dream constantly, sometimes remembering them, sometimes not. She’ll have to post seperately if you want her thoughts on it. If I do dream, which supposively everyone always does, then almost all my memories are wiped out by the time I wake up and it’s only the most memorable of dreams that stick with me.
    Nightmares… it’s odd and I don’t know if other people have experienced this, but as I’ve grown older, stronger, and more confident in myself, my nightmares aren’t where I’m in danger anymore. The only reoccuring nightmare that I have continued to have since college is the one where I’m registered for a class, and have apparently missed it all semester and only just before the final I realize how much work/studying I need to make up (I think this is another fairly common dream for many people). Thankfully my nightmares are pretty much never violent anymore and curiously, the very few violent dreams that I do have now, I have become the aggressor and not the victim. I’ve had more than a few dreams where I’ve attacked/killed somebody who was breaking into our house, they aren’t so much scary… but I definitely have trouble getting back to sleep after waking from them.
    Well, just wanted to comment on the interesting topic you posted. Take care.

  4. I have the “inability to scream” dreams quite frequently too! Though not as frequently as the “inability to find a clean, private bathroom” dreams. I tend to stay away from dream interpretation books though; while interesting, they seem a bit like sorcery.

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